Kevin De Bruyne Vs Bruno Fernandes

In the modern world competition has infiltrated into almost every aspect of life in the sense that even similar bodies can be ranked and distinguished using named criterion and procedures. Similarly, in the world of football , pundits , fans , commentators and even football journalists often compare players in their capacity to perform in the pitch .

Footballers have different ways and styles of playing in their positions which distinguishes their performance and level of competence in the pitch . Bruno Fernandes is a prolific attacking midfielder with an outstanding style of play which has made him a favorite to the Manchester United fanatics and countless of pundits. It however would be injustice to talk about midfield players without mentioning the Belgian international Kevin De Bruyne.
Kevin De Bruyne seems to be much of an attacking mid as he is always making life difficult for defenders by issuing fairly low curved crosses that bend past the defenders allowing any mere contact result into a goal. Nonetheless KDB classifies himself as a central mid who spends most of his time between lines initiating attack.

There is a very thin line separating how these two players behave and handle the ball. Manchester United with their wonted 4-2-3-1 had picked a up a little problem with their attack last season due to lack of creativity and linkage by their midfielders . Jesse Lingard had fallen into a no-goal bout and only managed to score in the last game which was a pat on the back by God.

However with Bruno’s arrival the team seemed to have improved both in quality and goal scoring potential. This is because Bruno is a creative player and does well to link with the goal scorers . This is a similar trait with Kevin De Bruyne who is termed as a complete player as he is visionary and pragmatic.

Bruno is always aware of his environment , as he looks over his shoulder to see who is around him. This enables him play quick passes to his teammates which speeds up attack during counters. In many occasions he has wittily avoided ambush challenges from opponents who seemed to have sneaked behind him. Bruno runs into space to provide passing options and offers accurate passes to Martial or Rashford . Similarly , the Belgian International is characterized with his space recognition technique and positioning between players . He gets the ball , moves towards advanced zones of opponent field attracting defenders towards him . This creates space for Reheem Sterling , Bernardo or Gabriel Jesus to receive passes and crosses and concert them into goals.

What is most fascinating about Bruno is his positioning . He likes staying just outside the box to return second balls and receive passes for instant shooting.

One rare quality possessed by KDB is the ability to play anywhere in the pitch . He fearlessly and relentlessly presses defenders and also do defensive homework . This season he has won 67% tackles successfully as compared to Bruno’s 60%. Mostly he annihilates counter attacks by chasing and snatching the ball away from rivals. KDB is also an splendid goal scorer in both set pieces and power shots. However , due his generosity in the field he fancies giving assists and low bending crosses . He has been averaged to present 7 balls around the goal area per game.

On the other hand Bruno is also an excellent piece taker. He has mastered the art of giving long accurate balls to teammates and also taking long shots towards the goalkeeper. With a shooting accuracy of 44% he has managed to net 6 goals in the premier league alone. The two midfielders have a different space coverage . Mostly Bruno is always anywhere and everywhere making life difficult for everyone. KDB spends most of his time in the central mid between lines initiating attack either through the centre or right flank which used to be referred to as 8/10 hybrid role.

The above information signals a decision on which of the two is the best , which is a matter of your own discretion . However , it is also imperative to acknowledge that both of them are one of the most creative players in the premier league era.

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