KRA duty calculator for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles

Do you want to import your motorcycle, a brand-new car, or just any vehicle? If you are interested, the KRA duty calculator for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles is something that you should be aware of. Because of the KRA online calculator, the total money you are supposed to pay for your vehicle is known and certain. Nowadays, there is no need for you to queue at the Times Tower to know the sum of taxes, one is supposed to pay to KRA. There is also no need for you to purchase an arithmetic calculator so as to calculate your percentages and know the level values imposed on you. 

The guide to KRA tax and duty calculator 

As we all know it’s mandatory for all Kenyan citizens to abide by our tax laws in order to avoid penalties and additional costs. In some cases, you might also evade imprisonment and prosecution which entirely depends on one’s nature. Down below is a systematic guide on using PAYE, motorcycle levy for imports, VAT, and calculator for your car tax in Kenya. KRA duty calculator for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles procedure includes the following requirements: 

  • A web browser 
  • An active and stable internet connection 
  • A laptop or mobile phone 
  • Information on the motorcycle, vehicle, and gross salary 
  • Computer skills 

PAYE calculator for KRA. 

This is one of the methods of tax collection from employees. Profits include casual wages, leave pay, salary, wages, commissions, gratuity, bonuses, fees, entertainment, traveling, and other services offered. Employers are supposed to subtract this portion every month in accordance with the prevailing rates per month. The following method and procedure should be followed in order to calculate your PAYE of which includes: 

  • Ensure you have an internet connection. Use any Wi-Fi connection or your own mobile data or use a LAN wire cable, if you have a laptop 
  • Open your web browser. In case you are using your mobile phone, go to your apps and select the icon. In case you are using your laptop, double-click so as to open it. In case you are on Opera Mini, select the data savings and change it to high or Off. 
  • Open the KRA online site. Click and select the calculator. On the service box, click on Calculate taxes. 
  • Select the icon Get started. The icon is close to the service box. 
  • Select the PAYE calculator. Under this, select the calculate icon and on to the following step. 
  • In this step, you should specify the taxation period. Put in the payment period and the year information. 
  • Key in your salary, in this case, your gross salary 
  • Key in details concerning your contributions and their benefits 
  • In case of a disability, tick whether you own a disability certificate 
  • Key in mortgage details 
  • Key in homeownership details and insurance relief 
  • Select the calculate icon 

Vehicle import duty KRA calculator 

KRA duty calculator for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles particularly for motorcycles, the procedure is down below. 

  • Use the first five steps above without changing anything. 
  • Click and select Import duty for motorcycles 
  • Specify the period for the importation of the motorcycle 
  • Select the motorcycle brand. Can be either Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or BMW. 
  • Select the model. Always choose the correct and required model number. 
  • Key in the engine size 
  • Select the calculate icon and your results will appear. 

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