Lee Funeral Confirms Shocking Rumors


  • Lee funeral home has been on the pages of social media.
  • There has been allegations that the body of a VVIP might be there.
  • There also have been allegations of hightened security at the keep funeral services.
  • Lee funeral services however has distanced itself from the rumors as per one of its directors.
  • They have reverted claims of a VVIP being there. There also isn’t any hightened security, only that there has been greater traffic at the home lately.

Detailed News

As from 19 of march, there has been widespread rumors of a VVIP’s body being at the lee funeral services. No official statement has been made to the public about the incident. Speaking to one of KENYA’S media groups, one of the directors at the keep funeral services has dismissed the claims.

“I have gotten reports that there is an ex-president or another high profile individual at the home which I can confirm are not true, There is no heightened security. We have just had a lot of activity due to deaths resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic” he said.

The lee funeral home is known to offer mortuary and burial services to the rich people in Kenya. It is known to be used by renown business people, politicians and families.

It is not the first time such speculations are arising. In october 2020, there was heated wind on social media that the body of a high profile person was at the home. Kenyans passing near the area had witnessed hightened security with military officers. At that time, it turned out that the body of (RTD) Major General Duncan Ireri was preserved there.

Afyer consultation with Charles Njonjo, the lee funeral home was created in 1987 by John S. Lee. Charles Njonjo was then a director of the nairobi hospital.

In an interview with KENYA’S media, Lee said, “I was told of the appalling state of City Mortuary. I was then being told to help people set up their funerals because they feared ending up at City Mortuary. I decided to take the chance,”

Since then, the home has been preferred by the high end kenyans due to the quality of services it offers.

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