There has been a rise in the number of Kenyans working remotely in online job sites in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa over the past few years.

That said, there also exists malicious sites that won’t pay for your efforts regardless of the labor offered. It is for this reason that we came up with a list of proven legit online jobs websites that actually pay out in Kenya.

Online Job Sites in Kenya paying through M-Pesa

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List of Online Job Sites In Kenya that pay through M-Pesa

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru
  5. Elance
  6. People per hour
  7. Pay per content
  8. Kuhustle
  9. Falcon writers
  10. Nerdy Turtlez

List of online jobs websites in Kenya – Get paid through M-pesa

1. Upwork – allows MPesa payment

Upwork is so far the best global online job website for kenyans. With it’s latest integration of MPesa, you can easily withraw your earnings to your mpesa mobile number. Upwork offers a range of online jobs ranging from writing, web development, transcription, data entry, admin assistant and much more.

The good thing about upwork is it’s secure working environment, conflict resolution through zendesk and multiples of jobs to choose from according to your experience. With upwork, there is zero jargon and scams and the assurance is that you shall have to get paid.

You need connects to apply for jobs on upwork, they offer free connects that are renewed each month. You sal however have to buy more connects in case you deplete your free ones before the month comes to an end.

On upwork, you shall have a little difficulty landing contracts as a beginner, however, after getting a few first contracts and building your profile, jobs shall come flowing in from invites. Upwork is the most recommended.

2. Freelancer – doesn’t allow MPesa payment

Freelancer is another great website to get online jobs in Kenya. The platform is more like upwork however cannot match the quality of upwork. Being a global online jobs website, freelancer allows for Kenyan freelancer to register, create a profile and start applying for jobs online. It is among the latest legit online jobs sites in kenya.

Freelancer has continued to dwindle in quality and care of their freelancers. One main negative are the low rates offers for freelancers here, for instance, an article writing freelancer can less than $2 per 500 words which is a very poor pay.

The security of this website shall also need you to be on the watch, for instance, every time you agree to start a job, ensure the client creates and funds a milestone that is protected by escrow.

This way, they shall have to pay you the moment you successfully complete the job. The client cannot cancel the milestone and whenever there is a dispute, you get a fair conflict resolution.

3. Fiverr – Doesn’t pay through M-pesa

Fiver is another great online job website for kenyans freelancers. Different from freelancer and upwork, Fiverr takes a slightly different approach. On Fiverr, you register and create gigs which are then listed. The gigs you create have to be within your area of expertise, a client then chooses from among the listed gigs.

On fiverr, you can do anything. From voice over, to writing articles, to SEO, web design, animation and much more. The trick with Fiverr is marketing tour gig to have more clients choose you.

4. Guru – Doesn’t pay through M-pesa

Guru is another better website for online jobs in Kenya. Guru is like freelancer and upwork where you sign up, create a profile and start applying for jobs posted by clients. When on Guru, take causion and only apply jobs by verified clients, don’t start a job unless a client assigns you the mikestone.

5. Elance – no mpesa

Elance is afair website to get online jobs in Kenya. It works just like Guru and offers an array of online jobs, ranging from writing, web development, and much more as per the clients needs.

6. People per hour

People per hour is a legit online jobs platform for Kenyan freelancers. All that matters here is the quality of your writing that boosts your profile to make you grow. The rating for freelancers is done by moderators.

With millions of jobs available, and a good pay per word, you are sure to earn handsomely as a writer, as long as you maintain the quality and make timely deliveries.

7. Pay per content

Pay per content is a membership only site. This is a great online job website for writers to earn money. Once you are accepted as a member, you shall be able to access a lot of online writing jobs ranging from academic, to article and blog writing.

8. Kuhustle

If you are a beginner in the online writing jobs in Kenya field, then Kuhustle is a great website for you to start from. It already has thousands of freelancers an jobs available. Like any other writing website, expect competition and therefore you have to Excell in your delivery.

9. Falcon writers

Falcon writers is an online writing jobs platform in Kenya that allows the writer to choose tasks they are comfortable with. The site is run by experts in the field and therefore easy to learn and work from at the same time.

10. Nerdy Turtlez

Nerdy Turtlez is a great platform for writers to get online writing jobs in Kenya. The website specializes in online education and is based in Kolkata.

Tips for identifying Legit online Job Sites In Kenya

As the popularity of online jobs increase, so does scams. To ensure you stay safe in your search for legit online jobs in Kenya, we prepared this short guide.

1. Verified client

One job sites provide a criteria for client and freelancer verification. Most scam clients do not verify their identity to avoid liability. Always check for the client verification status and go for verified clients.

2. Set milestone or contract

Online job platforms offer an official binding factor to show that you have started working on a clients project. It might be a contract of a milestone. Always ensure the client sets a milestone or awards you a contract before you begin working.

3. Client asking for confidential information

Platforms such as upwork have all the client needs to work with you provided on the platfirm. Be aware of clients trying to ask you for personal contact information or trying to lure you into working on personal basis. They are most at times scammers looking to exploit freelancers.

What you need to start working online in Kenya

If you have decided that freelancing is the way to go, then you need a freelancers gear.

1. Laptop or phone

You need a device that can access internet and allow you to work. Some jobs can even get done from your mobile device, however, it is advisable that you invest in a laptop or desktop for better performance.

2. An internet connection

Online jobs require a steady internet connection for you to maintain consistency on the platform and follow up on your proposal and orders.

3. An online jobs skill

You need a skill relevant to online jobs. Before you even think of starting, learn a skill that is on demand in the internet world. There are a number of skills you can learn including animation, web development, SEO, article writing, academic writing, transcription, translation, admin assistant and many more. Pick one you know you can be comfortable with and perfect to the industry standards.

4. Patience and persistence

As much as much hype is said about online jobs, it takes a lot of time before one kerns the industry standards, tips and tricks. It shall take you considerable amount of time to land your first gig. Therefore, you need patience and persistence. However, after you are established and have your first few jobs, your portfolio shall attract clients and your online job shall stat flourishing.


This are the Legit online job Sites In Kenya that pay through M-pesa. Depending on your skill and expertise, you can earn good money on the platforms. Online jobs can make your part time earnings in the first months, however, if you handle it well and keep improving, it might make your mainstream income. Wish you sucess in your online job search and working, bye.

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