Lilah-Rose Rodriguez parents, ethnicity, quick facts

Lilah Rodriguez is the daughter of two American legends in the movie Industry namely,  Linda Cardellini who is an actress, and  Steve Rodriguez who is a movie director in the United States. Most of the people obsessed with movies and who undoubtedly know Lilah Rose eventually become curious and find themselves wanting to know more about Lilah-Rose Rodriguez’s parents, ethnicity, quick facts. Well, we got you covered. Lilah Rose had always wanted to follow in his parent’s footsteps and be a well-renowned actress. 

Lilah Rodriguez was born in the year 2012 and is 8 years right now already following in his mother’s footsteps. During the time that she was born, Steve and Linda were not married yet and we’re just in a casual relationship. Lilah was the push they needed to start a life together. As many celebrities and famous people tend to do, Lilah Rodriguez has been kept safe from the online platforms and you cannot find her memories and pictures on the internet unless her parents have decided to post her. Still at her young age, you can already tell that she is going to be an outstanding actress.

 Lilah Rodriguez personal information 

  • Name- Lilah Rodriguez 
  • Date born- 2012, February 29th 
  • A place born- California in the United States, Redwood City 
  • Nationality- American nationality 
  • Ethnicity- White 
  • Current age- eight years 
  • Religion followed- Christianity 
  • Colour of her hair- Brown 
  • Colour of her eyes- Crystal blue 

Lilah Rodriguez life biography 

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez’s parents, ethnicity, quick facts are something that is well known especially by movie freaks. Lilah Rodriguez as we said earlier was born in the year 2012 on February 24th which makes her eight years old currently. Her birthday is on a leap day similar to other famous people including Ja Rule and Jessica Long. Lilah Rodriguez is an American citizen by being born there by her parents Steve and Linda who are movie director and an actress respectively. 

As we have already mentioned Lilah Rodriguez has white ethnicity and has Italian origin of which came from her grandparents from her mother’s side. Her mother Linda is a famous actress in the series freaks and geeks and the movie ER. 

Lilah Rodriguez net worth 

As you well know Lilah Rose comes from a very wealthy family in the United States. Since she is still young and doesn’t earn any money, we can still categorize her depending on her parent’s income. Her mother has a net worth of roughly eight million dollars while Steve’s net worth is not yet known but is said to be among the millionaires. This means that Lilah is already sorted for the rest of her life and would never suffer because of money. 

Lilah Rose ethnicity 

Lilah Rose ethnicity is white and Caucasian. Lila Rodriguez is as diverse as her mother who is 25% Italian, 50% Irish, 6..25% Scottish origin, 6.25% English and 12.5% German. Wayne Cardinelli and Loraine are the grandparents to Lilah Rose and parents to Linda Cardinelli. Steve ethnicity is not yet known and confirmed till date. 

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez parents, ethnicity, quick facts you didn’t know about can be found on their parents web pages and description. Lilah Rodriguez is on her way to become a movie star following her mother’s footsteps and her parents limelight in general. 

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