There are a number of internet packages for mobile available on Friendi. They come at different prices have different packages. Anyone can be the most suitable. However, they are often updated and we have to get the latest lists for us to select the best. In this article, we are going to focus on all the available plans and packages with a detailed list of the latest Friendi mobile internet packages. The latest list might have some more features and provisions than the existing ones. The following is a list of the latest Friendi mobile internet packages Oman.

  1. Friendi unlimited data plans
DataOMRValid for;Activation USSD
250 MBRO 1 Unlimited*320*2#
950 MBRO 2Unlimited*320*8#
1.5 GBRO 3Unlimited*320*3#
2 GBRO 3.5Unlimited*320*5#
2.5 GBR O 4Unlimited*320*10#
3.5 GBRO 5Unlimited*320*4#
5 GBRO 8Unlimited*320*11#
8GBRO  10Unlimited*320*12#
100 MBS500 BZunlimited*320*1#

 You can always check the Friendi data balance by dialling *250#

  • Friendi voice and data plan

To check the balance for this plan, you can dial *250#

DataPriceLocal minutesValid for;Activation ussd
RO 16.8 24 GB35030 days*601*16#
RO 10.512 GB175 *601*10#
  • Friendi social media plans
Social dataValid for;priceActivation
3 GB30 days1 RO*350*10#
  • Friendi day night plans
DayNightPriceValid for;Activation
500 MB500 MBRO 2unlimited*340*1#
750 MB1000 MB RO3unlimited*340*2#
1 GB1GBRO 3.5unlimited*340*3#
1500 MB2000MBRO 5unlimited*340*4#
3GB7 GBRO 515 days*601*4#
10 GB10 GBRO 1230 days*601*12#

The above are Friendi night day data plans that we have. Now, to subscribe to any of them, dial *555#. Here, you will get all the latest Friendi packages and offers. There are a couple of things you also need to be conversant with when it comes to activation of the bundles, settings and checking the balance. Considering the amount of cash you’re ready to spend, you can easily choose from the list of latest Friendi mobile internet packages oman. You can dial * 122# to check the balance and *350# for the data settings. The activation code for each of the packages is listed on the table below and you can use them to check the balance at any time. For the account settings, dial *101# to do any settings on your Friendi account. For the Friendi main menu, you can always dial *100#.

To do additional settings such as the Friendi internet settings, there are a few steps you are supposed to follow;

  • Go to settings
  • Select internet settings
  • Go to access point names
  • Select add
  • To set up the network, select no name then write Friendi mobile as your access point name.
  • Write taif as your APN
  • Use taif as your username too
  • Use taif as the password too.
  • After filling in all the options, you can now save then select. This would have helped you create your mobile network.
  • Saver data plans

Saver data plans mean more data for little, which is a nice deal. Friendi has this and it is most people’s choice. Here are few of the packages that we have in this package.

DataValidityPriceActivationLocal minutes
80 MB2 Days200BZ*601*1*200#None
250 MB5 days500 BZ*601*500#none
350 MB10 day800BZ*601*800#none
950 MB1 dayRO 1*320*7#none
4 GB7 dayRO 3.150*601*3#none
5GB30 daysRO 5*601*5#none
12 GB30 dayRO 10.500*601*10#250 minutes
24 GB30 daysRO 16.800*601*16#175 minutes
  • Freedom data plans
DataValid for;PriceActivation
950 MBunlimitedRO 2*320*8#
250 MBunlimitedRO 1*320*2#
1.5 GBunlimitedRO 3*320*3#
3.5 GBunlimitedRO 5*320*4
8GBunlimitedRO 10*320*12#
friendi network

All these plans have an option for auto-renew. When you don’t want to keep on renewing the plans you can select them on auto-renew. To manage your account with more ease, you might need to download your Friendi mobile app. This would help you manage the account with more ease. Now, all the above plans are available on Friendi and you can select any of them and get enjoying your mobile life. The plans above are all available on Friendi mobile and any customer can access them at any time. The plans however keep changing and we need to have the latest plans. In this article, we have highlighted all the updates and provided all the new plans together with all the old ones and any changes that might have been made to them. This is the List of the latest Friendi mobile internet packages Oman and all the related information that you might need to select any of them.

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