List Of Marketable Degree Courses To Study in Kenya 2021

The Kenyan job market is very dynamic. What seems lucrative today may be obsolete in the near or distant future. Anyone considering pursuing a degree should seek proper career advice to avoid taking on a course that will render them jobless for years. Over 100,000 university students graduate every year in Kenya. 

This list names some of Kenya’s most marketable degree courses. The list does not rank the courses in any order. The courses below are very competitive, have high demand, and provide high earning jobs. 

A precise list of Kenya’s most marketable degree courses

  • Business (Finance, Procurement, Economics) 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Medicine 
  • Software Engineering and Web Design 
  • Computer Science / Information Technology 
  • Statistics 
  • Actuarial Science 
  • Project Management/ Monitoring & Evaluation 
  • Aviation 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Law 
  • Quantity Survey/ Architecture 


The business field has a huge number of opportunities as it cuts across all sectors of Kenya’s economy. A business degree can help one secure a job in marketing, accounting, human resource management among many others. A business degree accompanied by a professional qualification such as CPF, CPA, ACCA, CIFA, CPS, or CIPS is highly likely to land a job. 

Marketable business fields include Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Marketing, and Operations Management. 

2.Bachelor of Pharmacy 

Pharmaceuticals is the fastest growing industry globally. The course has many job opportunities available at the national and county levels. One can also start private practice upon completing the five-year-long course. 

Some of the best employers in the industry include GlaxoSmithKline, NASCOP, KEMSA, U.N., KEMRI, and other NGOs. 


This course is very demanding but also a rewarding one for any successful graduate. The course is highly marketable and one is almost guaranteed employment as long as one is certified. They may even seek to start a private clinic or dispensary. Jobs are available even outside Kenya’s borders to competent individuals. 

The best courses in the field include Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Technology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and a Bachelor of Radiography among many others. 

4.Software Engineering and Web Design. 

Freelance web designers are on-demand as many companies seek to reach potential customers via the internet. The course is recommended for those with good mathematical skills for programming purposes. Graduates will remain marketable as long as the digital economy is concerned. Some top employers include Safaricom, Google, IBM among many others. 

5.Computer Science / Information Technology. 

With more and more developments in technology, IT experts’ demand will only increase as companies seek to keep up with current trends in technology that is ever-changing. Graduates who do not find employment can create chances for themselves by becoming self-employed. Some top employers include Google, Microsoft, Internet Solutions among others. 


Anyone good at Math and Science should consider this field. Jobs are available upon graduation as the course is very marketable. The course is diverse and has many opportunities. One can be employed or become a consultant. One should also consider supplementing their degree with professional certificates such as CIFA, CPA, or CFA. 

7.Actuarial Science 

An Actuarial Science graduate has several options to seek employment from. One can be employed in audit firms, government institutions, research firms, and any other companies or institutions that prioritize research and risk management. 

8.Project Management/ Monitoring & Evaluation 

It is recommended for anyone seeking to work for a non-profit. It is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya as it can lead to several opportunities. The job opportunities, however, can come from a random field, such as finance or agriculture. 


This is a very expensive but equally rewarding career path. Pilots are always in demand, and the pay is wonderful. One can secure employment shortly upon completion of the course. Opportunities are also available outside the country as they are in the travel business. Some of the best employers include Virgin Airlines, Kenya Airways, and AMREF. 

10.Oil and Gas 

The course is not very popular but is very marketable. The discovery of oil in Kenya brought demand for petroleum experts in Kenya. A bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering can get one employed as a petroleum engineer with opportunities being available in both the public and private sectors. 


A qualified and experienced lawyer is guaranteed success. While one may struggle in the early stages, time and experience are bound to raise any lawyer to great heights. One is also able to start a law firm thus creating self-employment. 

12.Quantity Survey/ Architecture 

Quantity survey and Architecture are highly marketable and well-paying courses. There is always a demand for Architects and Surveyors as more land is reclaimed and more buildings are built. One can start an architecture firm as self-employed while surveyors can earn up to a million from a single client. 

These are some of Kenya’s most marketable courses that are guaranteed to provide employment and a high income. A degree is important, but one’s skills could be the deciding factor between two candidates. Keep on constantly adding to your skillset. 

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