Omantel Hayyak is one of the biggest internet service providers in Omani. They offer their services in different packages and they are bound to change as time goes by. That is why we have to keep be informed about the latest packages that they offer. In this article, we are going to keenly outline all the latest packages that this company offers. It is important to know them so that you can have a clear plan on what to go for. Now, there are different packages and we are going to list all of them. The following is a full, detailed list of Omantel Hayyak internet packages.

The new Hayyak Data sim plan

Hayyak offers a separate sim card for data only. This means that the plan is available on the data sim card only. This sim card does not include voice and message services. To get this sim card, you can visit any of the of the Omantel outlets close to you.

DatapriceActivation codeValid for;Checking balance
15 GBR.O 10*343*10#30 days*343*10*0#
6GBR.O 5*343*5#30 days*343*5*0#
3GBR.O 3*343*3#15 days*343*3*0#
The new Hayyak Data sim plan

Omantel Hayyak prepaid ERADA  plans

The plans can be activated via the Omantel app. Any customers can access the plan. However, the voice minutes are to be used on local calls only.

OMR 330 days1.5 GB1.5 GB15
OMR 430 days2 GB2 GB50
OMR 630 days4 GB4 GB150
OMR 1030 days10 GB10 GB250
OMR 1530 days18 GB18 GB500
Omantel Hayyak prepaid ERADA  plans

The  Omantel Hayyak pre-paid plans

All the plans in this category can be activated with or cativation code or via the Omantel app. The flexi minutes available in the pre-paid plans can be used for international calls to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

OMR 32GB7 days50 local minutes
OMR 31.5 GB30 days15 local minutes
OMR 53 GB30 days50 local minutes
OMR 51.5 GB30 days300 flexi minutes
OMR 75 GB30 days175 local minutes
OMR 1012 GB30 days200 local minutes
OMR 1522 GB30 days350 local minutes
The  Omantel Hayyak pre-paid plans

 The Hayyak pre-paid any time data plan

DataPriceValidityActivation code
50 MB200 BZ1day*241*1#
250 MB500 BZ1 day*141*500#
1 GBRO 11 day*141*24#
UNLIMITEDRO 21 day*666*2*1*1#
2 GBRO 32 days*141*20#
2 GB500 BZ1 week*141*7#
50 MBOMR 21 month*141*50#
300 MBOMR 31 month*141*300#
1 GBOMR 31 month*141*3#
2 GBOMR 51 month*141*5#
3 GBOMR 71 month*141*70#
5 GBOMR 101 month*141*10#
10 GBOMR 151 month*141*15#
30 GBOMR 151 month*141*25#
 The Hayyak pre-paid any time data plan

The YouTube  unlimited plan

This one allows you to browse on YouTube, specifically for the much stated below. It is valid for 3 hours but the access is unlimited.

PriceServiceValid for;Activation code
0.300 BzUnlimited you tube3 hours*666*1*2*3*8#
The YouTube  unlimited plan

The Hayyak flexi plan

The flexi plan gives you flexi minutes that are usable both locally and internationally, for calls to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The minutes are easy to activate either by dialling *666# or by use of the Hayyak application on mobile.

DataOMRValidityFlexi minutes
1.5 GBOMR 530days300 minutes
The Hayyak flexi plan

Unlimited social media

This package gives you unlimited access to almost al the social media platforms. To subscribe to this package, dial *666*1*2*3*1#. The following are the available packages under this plan.

OMR 1.57 daysUnlimited instagram
OMR 1.57 daysUnlimited Whatsapp
OMR 1.57 daysUnlimited face book
OMR 1.57daysUnlimited snap chat
OMR 1.57 daysUnlimited twitter
OMR 1.57 daysUnlimited tiktok
0MR 37 daysUnlimited social
Unlimited social media

New Omantel Hayyak plans

To add on the existing plans that have been renewed, the company introduced new plans known as Omantel Hayyak plus plans which have slightly more provisions. Here is a summary of what the plus plans contain and how much they cost. This table summarizes all the packages under this package.

Name of packageRO 3RO 3Hayyak flexOMR 5 Hayyak 7 proHayyak 10 pro
On net minutesN/AN/AN/AN/Aunlimitedunlimited
Social dataN/AN/AN/AN/A1 GB5 GB
Internet data2 GB1.5 GB1.5 GB3 GB5 GB10 GB
price3 RO3 RO5 OMR5 OMR7 OMR10 OMR
validity1 weekI month 1 month1 month1 month1 month
New Omantel Hayyak plans

All the plans above have a social data plan that allows you to view anything on the social media plans such as tiktok, Facebook, Whatsapp, linked in, Snap chat etc. The new Hayyak plus plan is available to any Omantel subscribers and you can subscribe to any of them without bounds. To subscribe to any of the above plans, visit the official Omantel app.

How to check Hayyak balance

 There are two ways which you check the balance for your Hayyak subscription. The first method is by dialling the helpline number; 1233. After dialling the number, you then follow the instructions to guide you through the process. The other method is by using the USSD code. To do this dial *100# and then press the call button. A pop up message with your balance will appear. It is that simple!

With the new plus package and the existing plans, there is now a huge variety to choose from with Hayyak. This article has covered a well-detailed List of Omantel Hayyak latest internet packages and all the important information so you can understand which plan will be best for you. There are the dial-ups that are important to help you subscribe to any of the available packages. You can now select your best plan and package and enjoy using it.

Omantel customer care contact details

Head Office Tel+968 24242424
AddressP.O. Box: 789, Postal Code 112 Ruwi
Sultanate of Oman
Call Centre Number 1234
Business Call Centre1235
Omantel customer care contact details

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