Magufuli Dead – Shocking Reason

Tanzania’s current president John Magufuli Pombe is dead. Vice president Samia Hassan Suluhu announced that the president died out of heart disease. John Pombe Magufuli was the fifth president of the republic of Tanzania.

“Dear Tanzanians, it is sad to announce that today 17 March 2021 around 6 p.m. we lost our brave leader, President John Magufuli who died from heart illness at Mzena hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was getting treatment,” vice president Suluhu said.

He was born in chato tanzania in October 29 1959. Magufuli has left behind a widow and two kids a son and daughter. The flags of tanzania shall be raised halfway as they mourn the demise of President Magufuli.

The death comes after air had it that the 5th president of Tanzania had been flown to kenya and was being treated in one of Nairobi s major hospitals. Concerns started arising after John Pombe went missing from the public, something that wasn’t his norm.

Earlier on, President Magufuli was a denier of the Covid 19 virus and claimed it was a weapon by the enemies of Africa. He discouraged Tanzanians from observing Covid-19 protocols like wearing masks.

However, his government officials started contracting the disease and a number of them died. It is when Magufuli admitted and started advising citizens to wear masks, but maintained that they have to be locally made.

Earlier on, there were claims of the ailing Tanzania president and most citizens and even leaders raising the claim were arrested.

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