Major, Biden’s dog bites on second incident at white house.

Just days after his training, major, the white house has bitten another person. “Out of abundance of caution” first lady Jill biden’s spokesman clarified. The individual was seen by medical staff before resumption of work. Major nipped on another person a month ago on his walk. The Whitehouse spokes person says Major is still adjusting to the environment.

Major has been part of the white house since 2018 since his adoption from the Delaware humane association. Both Manor and Champ, a 13 yr old family dog belonging to the Bidens were moved to the Bidens Welmington home after the 8th march incident.

Mojor nipped on a National park service employee on white house’s southern lawn a month after the incident as reported by the CNN. Further reports have not been given by the National park service as the CNN reports. However, anonymous sourced informed the CNN that at that time major was charging at the white house staff, barking furiously.

Biden says 85% of the white hose staff like Major and he is a nice dog. Speaking to ABC’s good morning America, the president said the dog was acclamatising to many new stuff members; “you turn the corner and there are two people you don’t know at all and they move and he moves to protect” . The president further explained that Major has been in white house before, when he was vice president and all the time all he used to do was lick people around and wag his tail. He went on to say that some people are just afraid of dogs.

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