With cooking oil prices rising higher everyday in Kenyan stores, Kenyans need to find cheaper options such as making avocado oil at home using simple available kitchen tools.

Is Avocado Oil Made At Home Safe To Use In Cooking?

Download and follow the pdf guide below to know how you shall make affordable purified avocado oil using simple kitchen tools. The guide costs 100 shillings and shall save you lots of cash for buying expensive cooking oil.

Process of Making Purified Avocado Cooking Oil At Home

To make safe avocado oil cheaply at home, follow the complete guide in the above pdf guide e-book. You can be sure to use the resultant cooking oil in any cooking application and it works better and is healthier than the factory-processed one. Click on the pdf guidebook below to get a copy and avoid the expensive factory-processed cooking oil in shops and supermarkets.

What Do I Need To Make Avocado Cooking Oil At Home In Kenya

You shall need the following:

  • A jiko, gas or any other source of heat
  • 10 ripe avocado fruits
  • 1 sufuria
  • A knife
  • A cloth
  • Simple purification tools available in your kitchen
  • A cooking oil storage bottle

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