Mama Hawa, Obama’s aunt dies at the age of 80


• It was confirmed today that Mama Hawa, Obama’s aunt dies at the age of 80. She was found dead at her bed.

• Mama Hawa had been ill for sometime and died shortly after being discharged from the hospital a few days ago

Obama’s aunt dies at 80

It was sad news for the Obama family after her son Razick reported that Mama Hawa died last night. Mama Hawa has been ailing for two years now with a stroke condition and had just been admitted to Rachuonyo District hospital where she was released and died five days later.

This comes eight months after Obama’s grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama died. While she was alive, she urged her nephew to build her a beautiful house and empower their family. Burial preparations are underway as Mama Hawa will be buried in Oyugis, Kokai village.

Mama Hawa didn’t get support from Obama

Mama Sarah told a local medial outlet that Mama Hawa should seek Obama’s assistance by herself in case she wants resources to build herself. However Razick, Mama Hawa’s son claimed that they never got support from Obama and the famous name Obama had mislead people to think that they have money but in the real sense they were very poor.

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