Mandera Bound Bus Bombed – 3 dead, Several Injured


  • A mandera Bound Bus today on Wednesday hit an Improvised Explosive Devise.
  • The bus reportedly flew into the sky then landed injuring several and killing 3 passengers.

Detailed News

Atleast 3 people have died and others injured when a mandera Bound Bus hit an Improvised Explosive Devise on Arabia road in Mandera county. The bus was from lafey and was heading to Mandera at the time of the incident.

Witnesses on the side said that the bus flew into the air then landed diamantled. The roof of the bus could be seen ripped off. Police say that the cases of the dead might increase, Mandra county governor Ali Ribs has also confirmed the incident. Recently, police in Mandera county stopped a planned attack on a police station in lafey Mandera County. Police have been on the alert after recent warnings of attack in the area.

An earlier attack at lafey, Mandera

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