Matatu Wedding – Photos Of The Couple


  • K24 presenter, Dj Mzito arrived at their wedding reception in a pimped Matatu.
  • They arrived to the surprise of family and friends who were waiting at Bethany Garden, Karen NAIROBI.
  • Earlier on, the couple had used a range rover but ditched it for a Matatu when going for reception.

Detailed News

K24 presenter DJ Mzito and his wife surprised everyone after arriving at Bathany Karen in a Matatu. Their reception was planned at the gardens and family and friends were waiting for them to arrive. As expected, they were to arrive in high-end vhiecles, but the couple surprisingly arrived in a Matatu.

Speaking at the event, Dj Mzito said, “We decided to use matatu coz my wife and I love the matatu culture and we also wanted it to be different,”

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