• Controversial lawyer miguna miguna is expected to come back to Kenya
  • Miguna’s attempts to return to kenya have been barred multiple times previously
  • Wetangula confirmed that Miguna shall come back to kenya after William Ruto’s win in the 2022 general election to become the president-elect.

Detailed Miguna Miguna’s Return News

Miguna miguna is expected to travel back to Kenya any date from today. The controversial lawyer who was deported to Canada after the 2017 general election in Kenya has been trying to return to his country of birth in Kenya in vain.

His return was barred by the former government’s administration after he swore in Raila Odinga, the presidential election runner-up in the 2017 general election. The Uhuru Kenyatta administration was bitter about this and termed it as ‘treason’

However, with the expected exit of the Uhuru Kenyatta administration, Miguna miguna has revealed that he is planning to travel back to the country. Miguna has been one of the top critiques of the Uhuru Kenyatta administration from abroad. In the 2022 general election in Kenya, Miguna supported the now president-elect, William Ruto who is expected to be the next president of Kenya. Read more latest politics news in kenya here

Miguna Miguna Twitter News And Kenyans Reactions

Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their views about Miguna’s return: