How to Pour Champagne

Mistakes people make when drinking champagne

Mistakes people make when drinking champagne

This article is a guide to common mistakes people make when drinking champagne, as well as good champagne etiquette. Next time you pop a champagne bottle, ensure you get the most value for money by avoiding these common mistakes identified by wine experts.

Mistakes people make when drinking champagne

Serving it too cold

Most people make this mistake when serving champagne. Different types of champagne are served at different temperatures and It is recommended to open your bottle while it is cold and let it sit on the table. At cellar temperatures, (above 55 degrees) all the flaws and nuances come out. It is advisable to open the bottle at about 5 degrees then refrigerate again when it starts to warm up. Store the bottle in a cool dark place, and refrigerate it at night before drinking. The final temperature should be between 42.8°F and 44.6°F. Refrigerating for too long will affect the taste. “The cork can dry out due to a lack of humidity leading to the wine oxidizing faster, changing aromas. This can lead it to absorb flavors.

They pop that cork

Popping the cork looks awesome, but the ideal way is putting your thumb on top of the cork and holding on until the cork is off. Point the bottle at 45 degrees, and away from yourself and others. Have a cloth napkin between your thumb and cork. Then, gently twist the bottle to give you more control.

popping champagne cork
Champagne bottle with cork popping out, sketch style vector illustration isolated on white background. Diagonal view of hand drawn champagne bottle with cork jumping out with explosion

Tilting the champagne glass

This is another common mistake people make when drinking champagne is tilting the glass. Tilting the glass to about 45 degrees just as you would when pouring a beer ensures the bubbles hit a larger surface area of the glass which will reduce the amount of foam allowing for faster pouring. You shouldn’t pour it with more than one stop between pours.

Filling the champagne glass to the top

It is recommended to fill your glass to about 10 cl, less than a full glass to enable it to stay cold and allow for more refills. If you drink your champagne slowly, the liquid at the bottom will get a consistent drinking experience. It’s better to refill more frequently to ensure you enjoy your champagne.

Mistakes people make when drinking champagne

Serving it in a Champagne flute

Perhaps the most surprising recommendation that most experts and winemakers agree on is that flutes restrict the taste of champagne. The narrower top of a flute restricts the aroma and affects the general experience. Using a larger glass improves the taste and makes the bubbly feel more like wine than just a toast. Tasting champagne also involves the smell and swirling is easier in bigger glasses allowing more release of the aroma. Most Italians enjoy their Prosecco in a white wine glass. As with a glass of still wine, the more a sparkler breathes the more expensive you will feel the taste you smell.

This article has been a guide to some of the mistakes people make when drinking champagne. Follow these guidelines to ensure you enjoy your champagne to perfection.

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