Mohammed salah – facts, age, likes,wife, height, net-worth

Mohammed Salah – quick fact list

  • Date of birth: 15th June 1992
  • Citizenship: Egypt
  • Place of birth: Nagrig Basyoun
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Height: 1.75 metres
  • Position: Right wing ( second striker, center forward)
  • Marital status: Married to his wife Maggi as from 2013
  • Brand Endorsements: Addidas, Vodafone, Fifa


In the beginning, was a ball and the ball was with Salah and the goal was by Salah. Mohammed Salah, is among the most prolific forwards English Premier League has ever had . Well, we  don’t know about the future , more impressive players are yet to come to the football scene and more technological advancements in football are expected in the near posterity. That defenders walk into Anfield shoulder high and crawl out with no shoulders at all is a reality , thanks to Mohammed Salah. The 28 year old Egypt international joined Liverpool from Roma in the summer of 2017 and  blended perfectly with the forwards at Anfield resulting to a combination that gives defenders a daytime nightmare. 

Style of playing

Salah has a formidable style of play that enables him make lemonade out of all lemons he is given as well as make life difficult for defenders. The Egyptian is a master of creating spaces during attack . He positions himself between defense lines , forcing centre backs to pull out of their lines therefore break the tightly packed defense line. Once the defender approaches Salah , he leaves a space for Salah to slide the ball to Firminho or Sadio Mane who will in turn execute a deft finish or return the ball to Salah who will have picked up a good position for a final clinical finish. Salah can be termed as an opportunistic player due to his ability to exploit any opportunity he finds in his way during a game of football. He has an electric speed and just the perfect timing to make runs and pull the trigger towards the goalkeeper. 

Positioning and movement

How a player positions themselves is one of the most vital factors that determines how they will perform . Needless to say , Mo’ Salah has very good positioning and movement . Oftenly , he would stay at the edge of the defense line at the shoulder of the last man. This makes Liverpool very dangerous during transitions. Once Liverpool wins possession back , they quickly pass the ball to Salah who is always tight up in the pitch . Then Salah would use his electric speed to cover acres of land towards the goalkeeper. In such occasions it usually does not end well for the goalkeeper . There are occasions where Salah wraps  himself in brilliance and takes on defenders solo to score goals. He has the goal scoring instincts of a centre forward and is usually seen netting goals like a centre forward. 

Mohammed Salah’s shots

Mohammed Salah is a shooter .He is never afraid  of launching shots whenever he gets the space an attribute that makes him have so many goals even with misses. Depending with the range from the goal, Salah places the ball past the goalkeeper or might decide to finesse the ball into the net. In addition to his shooting , Salah is an excellent dribbler with a dribbling style similar to Lionel Messi. He plays a touch every step style and keeps the ball close to his feet initiating fake shots and body feints. This enables him dribble in tight spaces without loosing possession . He uses his body to protect the ball. To get the ball you must go through him. All those attributes and abilities sum up to make Mohammed Salah a talented superb forward. This season in 15 appearances he has netted 13 goals and missed 4 big chances. 

Mohammed salah – FAQs

What is Mohammed salah’s salary?

Mohammed Salah is among the highest paid footballers with a ranking of 34 in the world according to Forbes. In 2020, he had a total earning of 35.1 million dollars.

What is Mohammed Salah famous for?

Mohammed Salah is famous for his footballing career. He is a standing out forwarder in the European football. He has notably contributed to multiple good results in Liverpool in both champions and premier league.

Is Mohamed Salah left or right footed?

Mohammed Salah is Left footed.

What is the worth of Mohammed Salah?

With a salry of $35 million, Mohammed Salah has a net worth of $90 million.

Who is Mohammed Salah’s wife?

Mohammed Salah’s wife is known as Maggi Sadeq. They got married in 2013.


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