Mwingi bus pulled out of river enziu – man and child’s body found raising deaths to 33 (photos)

  • The I’ll fated bus that sunk in river Enziu has been pulled out this evening, sunday of December 5th 2021.
  • The body of the driver plus other bodies were recovered raising the number of confirmed deaths to 33.
  • More bodies are thought to be lying in the river bed. Governor charity ngilu said the recovery team shall continue searching in case there are more unrecovered bodies.

Detailed News

The recovery drive that started yesterday in a bid to recover river enziu bus sinking victims is almost coming to an end. A major milestone reached this evening 5th December 2021 when the bus was finally lifted out of the river.

The bus plunged into river enziu yesterday 4th December 2021.
Mwingi bus pulled out of river enziu-video

Among the bodies that have been recovered is the body of the driver. The number of confirmed deaths with recovered bodies has now risen to 33. The sad incident happened yesterday 4th of December 2021 when the bus carrying choir members who were headed to a wedding plunged into the river. The river was flooded with water flowing over the bridge. Water seemed to have weakened the rarely repaired bridge of enziu seasonal river.

Christopher Musili, one of the survivors said that the bus initially had 70 passengers. However other people jumped onto it to get a free ride over the everflown river once the driver decided to take chances. Sources report that the driver had been given a warning before he decided to go on and drive across the dengerous bridge. May the lost rest in peace, we wish the families of the deceased strength as they push through this hard times.

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