Today we’re going to look into myUnisa Application Undergraduate and Postgraduate 2023 for individuals interested in enrolling at the University of South Africa.

The UNISA usually makes announcements whenever Undergraduate and Postgraduate applications are open. To apply and get admitted to the University of South Africa, one has to apply when the respective applications are still open.

My Unisa Application Undergraduate & Postgraduate 2023

In our guide today, we’ll take you through the UNISA application periods, and requirements for joining students.

UNISA Application Dates

UNISA Application Dates2023 Academic Year 
UNISA UndergraduateClosed
UNISA Postgraduate Diplomas & Honours DegreesSeptember 1st to December 15th
UNISA Masters and Doctoral QualificationsSeptember 5th to November 6th
Short Learning ProgrammesClosed
UNISA Application Dates

UNISA Courses Available for Application

  1. UNISA Undergraduate
  2. UNISA Postgraduate Diplomas & Honours Degrees
  3. UNISA Masters and Doctoral Qualifications
  4. Short Learning Programmes

UNISA Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admission Application Requirements

• A working Email Address to complete your Application
• South Africans will need an Identification Card Number
• Foreign Applicants will be required to avail their passport numbers
• Application Fee after receiving UNISA Student number
• Ensure that all the supportive documents are scanned as directed

How do I apply for UNISA admission

Time needed: 10 minutes

how to apply for Unisa admission

  1. Decide to apply online or offline

    If you’re applying for UNISA admission for the first time, you can make the application online or offline. However, if you’re applying for a postgraduate qualification, your application must be done online. No e-mail pdf submissions or offline hard copies will be accepted.

  2. Check for Admission requirements

    Make sure you go through the admission application requirements here.

  3. Apply for Unisa admission

    Upon checking and making sure you have all the requirements, you can now go on and apply. Make sure you accurately fill in all the required information on the application page online, or on your PDF.

  4. Application Fee Payment

    Remember to pay the required R120 application fee upon finishing your application because it’s mandatory for the process.

Unisa Undergraduate Applications

The UNISA Undergraduate Admission application for Academic Year 2023 has been Closed already. Anyone who wishes to begin a new qualification in UNISA has to apply for Admission. Who can apply?

Who is Eligible for UNISA Undergraduate Application?

• First-Time University of South Africa Students
• Ongoing UNISA students seeking to change their Specialization
• Previous Applicants who might have missed a Space
• Applicants who received a Space, accepted the Admission offer but didn’t Register
• Students completing a certain program wishing to carry on further Undergraduate Education

Who is Eligible for UNISA Undergraduate Application?

UNISA Undergraduate Admission Application Requirements

• You need to understand the new Open Distance e-Learning system to confirm UNISA is the right place for your studies
• You have to be certain about the career you wish to Pursue in UNISA
• You’ll be required to identify and choose your Qualification level
• You can now apply for Admission to the University of South Africa
• Wait to receive Feedback i.e. your UNISA Application Results/Outcome

UNISA Undergraduate Application Process

1. The Applicant should make a maximum of 2 applications arranged in preference order
2. After a successful application, UNISA will send you the Outcome to indicate your qualification and offer you a Space in the institution
3. Applicant should accept or Decline the Offer in Time. Failure to respond, in the space will definitely be given to another applicant.
4. First Time applicants the FYE(First Year Experience) MOOC online to be accepted
5. If UNISA grants you the offer, the applicant should make a registration to attend the granted semester to avoid rejection
6. The Applicant can only accept one qualification offer from their choices

Unisa Postgraduate Applications

Every individual who seeks to start on a new qualification at the University of South Africa is required to make an admission application. This application is mandatory for new applicants and ongoing students wishing to upgrade or change their current qualifications.

My Unisa Application Undergraduate & Postgraduate 2022

The set application period for applying for UNISA Admission in Honors Degrees and Postgraduate diplomas is opened once every academic year. The application shall be opened in January and closed on February 4th. You can visit the official UNISA site to check for any Open applications.

Every applicant is expected to submit their admission application online. After applying, you’ll wait for the results to know whether you qualify or not. If you accomplish all the admission requirements for UNISA, you’ll be given the offer to register and enroll in the institution. Therefore, you’re advised to complete your application, pay the application fee and upload all required supporting documents.

Who is Eligible for UNISA Postgraduate Admission applications

• First-Time University of South Africa Students
• Ongoing UNISA students seeking to change their Specialization
• Previous Applicants who might have missed a Space
• Previous Applicants who received a Space, accepted the Admission offer but didn’t Register
• Students completing a certain program wishing to carry on further studies.

UNISA Post Graduate Application Requirements

1. The applicant needs a copy of their initial school qualification e.g. the Senior Certificate, and the National Senior Certificate
2. A Copy of the applicant’s original Tertiary Academic records if it’s applicable
3. An ID copy for South African Students (RSA)
4. A Passport/ID copy for international students
5. Marriage Certificate copy or Divorce Decree if applicable
6. Sworn Document translations (Must be in English or Afrikaans)

We believe you’ve understood all it takes to make an application for admission in the University of South Africa. Remember to pay your application fee in time before the set deadline beats you thus getting your Application Rejected. You’ll be given a receipt to confirm the payment.

In today’s guide, we’ve granted you everything you need to know about My Unisa Application Undergraduate & Postgraduate. If you fail to apply during the set period, you’ll have to wait for the next admission to be Open.


How can I edit my UNISA Application?

To edit and make changes to your UNISA application, just log in to myUnisa and follow the application prompts. On the other hand, you can contact the University for assistance.

How can I check if my Unisa application was successful?

1. Visit the Unisa application status check page using
2. Enter your student number
3. Surname
4. Full first names
5. Date of birth
6. Click Continue

How long does UNISA take to respond to applications?

Since a vast number of students from different parts of the world apply, the verification usually takes a long. UNISA takes from 6 weeks to 8 weeks to respond to its applicants.

Can I change my course after admission to UNISA?

Absolutely, one can change their course in UNISA even after admission. You can change your course immediately after getting admitted or after your 1st year in the university. Contact the UNISA Helpline through their email or telephone number for course inquiries.

Can UNISA reject my application for admission?

YES, your UNISA application can be rejected due to a number of reasons. It could be due to failure to achieve qualifications requirements, not attaching the required documents, or failure to submit application fee payment.

Who must apply for a UNISA Admission?

Anyone looking forward to beginning a new qualification at the university of South Africa must make an application first. These could be first-time applicants, ongoing Unisa students switching qualifications/specializations, or an undergraduate seeking to upgrade to postgraduate studies.

When Can I apply for Unisa Admission?

You can apply for a certain qualification in UNISA only after confirming that the application is open. For the academic year 2022, the application dates have been closed already. However, if there are more vacant spaces in the school, Unisa will definitely make the announcement ASAP.

How many UNISA qualifications I’m I allowed to apply for?

UNISA allows students to apply for a maximum of 2 qualifications, arranged in their preference order. However, one can only register for one even if both qualifications are successful. Make sure you have all the requirements for qualification before applying.

Do I have to Submit my Academic record if I previously studied at UNISA?

No, If you’ve studied through the university of South Africa before, you don’t have to submit an academic record. If you’ve however studied in a different institution, you’ll be required to submit your academic record along with your application regardless of certification. Remember to include your initial student number in your academic records.

Can I still submit documents after the Unisa application is closed?

You cannit submit any outstanding documents after the application deadline unless the Institution specifically reaches out to request for the documents to be submitted.

What is the UNISA application fee?

Remember, an application fee is only charged to students who don’t have an initial student number. The fee is only paid once and it should only be submitted during the application deadline. Failure to submit the application fee payment receipt will only make your application to be rejected.

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