Mysterious Bag Stops SGR train


  • An SGR train had to stop mid-journey due to an abandoned bag on the railway.
  • John Elungata- Mombasa Regional Commander confirmed the incident.
  • He Confirmed that the bus had to stop for about to allow checking the contents of the bag

Detailed News

On sunday of march 2021, an SGR train bond for Mombasa had to take a sudden halt at miasenyi. This was after spotting an abandoned bag on the railway, this raised questions making the train to be stopped for 1 hour. “We wanted to establish the contents of the bag that had been dropped at the foot of the railway bridge at Miasenyi,” Mombasa Regional Commander said.

The incident occured as the train was headed from nairobi to Mombasa. Schedules had to be delayed by one hour on the SGR route making passengers who were to leave Mombasa by an hour. Passengers who were not immediately informed of the cause of the sudden stop complained of the delayed journey. “Some of us are going to Malindi and Lamu. What problem is there? You are not communicating,” one of the passengers on board complained.

The delayed train had 960 passengers on board. In another recent incident, a train that had 1,500 passengers and was headed to nanyuki stopped mid-way. The that is managed by Kenya railways corporations stopped mid-way due to mechanical problems. All the 1,500 passengers were forced to spend the night in the cold awaiting repair.

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