Nairobi Governor Sonko’s Impeachment Approved by Senate

Mike Mbuvi Sink ceases to be the governor of Nairobi county after his impeachment was approved by Senate on 17th December 2020.

Senators Voting On the Impeachment Of Governor Sonko

The flamboyant governor’s woes started by his impeachment by county government assembly members impeached him citing misuse of public funds among many other irregularities.
Senators voted on 11 charges that were, gross misconduct, abuse of office among others. In all the charges presented for voting, 27 senators constantly voted yes while 16 voted no. Nairobi Senator, Johnston Sakaja together with Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo abstained from the voting process to confirm the impeachment of government Sonko.

Senator ledama Ole Kina was firm on his stand to defend the governor, noting that the charges against him had little evidence and could therefore not hold ground. Senator Morkomen also stood form on grounds of defending devolution, citing that the impeachment of Governor Sonko would add up to a trend that jeopardizes devolution.

The senator of Nakuru County, Susan Kihika noted that the battle in question was about Governor Sonko and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services currently under Mbadi. She noted that NMS has full backing from the government that wants to trim the governor’s flamboyant nature. According to her, the motion was far from governor Sonko’s misconducts and just a battle of power.

Senator Sakaja was careful not to take grounds on what he called ‘a grave of someone’s he therefore assumed a neutral position in a bid to save his Governor, Mr. mike Mbuvi Sonko.

Governor Sonko’s Impeachment Defence Team

Governor Sonko came prepared with a team of lawyers lead by lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui. The team was quick to send to the drain all charges against the governor, with reasons they expressed at the governor’s impeachment consideration seating. In one of his strong defences, Kinyanjui noted that the legal quorum for the impeachment of a Governor needs to be 88, of which he claimed was not the case for Sonko’s Impeachment.
Kinyanjui also noted that Michael Ogada could not point out efforts of public participation in the impeachment process as required by law.

He therefore declared his stand that the impeachment was illegal and could not be upheld.
No matter how much defence the governor’s team of lawyers presented, majority of the senators were adamant on changing their decisions. At last, the Senators voted confirmed the impeachment of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, which Kenneth Lusaka moved with speed to afficially gazette.

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