National guard troops sleep in the car park – President Joe Biden Apologises

On Thursday, disturbing pictures of national guard troops forced to rest in a nearby parking spread sparking anger from some politicians. During President Joe Bidens inauguration, about 25,000 national guard troops were deployed to the capitol to maintain security. Joe Biden has apologized for the situation.

The first Families Apologies

America’s first family has since then showed concern and remourse over the troops situation. First lady Jill Biden visited the troops personally giving them biscuits from the white house and thanking them for keeping her family safe during the inaguration.

President Joe Biden called chief of the national guard beureu to apologised and inquired on what could be done to salvage the situation.

Concerns and displeasure

Concerns were raised over the conditions the troops were exposed to in the garage. There were complaints abut the fumes and a possibility of COVID 19 infection. After the pictures emerged, many members of the congress expressed their displeasure online with others offering their offices for the troops to rest.

Replys and actions

Speaking to Politico, senator Roy Blunt said that the matter is under investigation by the Senate rules committee. The Us capitol police and the Us national guard reported that they had cooperated together and made sure the guards on duty had sufficient places to take breaks. They further thanked members of the congress for their concern and noted that the off-duty troops were organized places to rest in hotel rooms and elsewhere. About 7000 troops are expected to remain in Washington as the rest go back to their respective states.

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