For any Nedbank User to perform bank transactions across different branches, you’ll either require the specific branch code or the Universal generic code to safeguard your transactions. It’s usually a very critical symbol for both Nedbank and its users when performing payments and transactions especially online.

The Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch Code is sorted to be user-friendly in all Nedbank outlets and branches. 198 765 is Nedbank’s Worldwide generic code that any individual can use to access their account regardless of the branch.

The code embraces convenience and safety during cash transactions in different outlets across the World. The code gives all Nedbank users the opportunity to easily access and transact across different branches using theory accounts.

Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch Codes

Nedbank South Africa – Universal Branch Code
BRANCH NAMEBranch CodeAddress
South Penisula1232098th Floor 57 Heerengracht. Foreshore
Port Elizabeth121317329 Cape Road-Newton Park. 6045 Port Elizabeth
Sandown119210Shop LO5 CNR 135, Rivonia Rd. Maude Street Sandown
Irene Village Mall148345Irene Village Mall, shop no.95 CNR Nellmapius. Pierre Van Ryneveldt RD, Irene.  
Gateway189905Boulevard Umhalanga ridge (New Town Centre). Gateway Theatre Shop f244
Stellenbosch107110Langenhoven Student centre, De Beer Street; Stellenbosch
Umzimkulu114405228 Courthouse RD, Umzimkulu.
Booysens198005Southdale Shopping Centre, Shop 12 to 14, Alamaine rd, Southdale.  
East London12542171 Oxford Street, East London
Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch Codes

Functions of Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch Code

  1. The Nedbank South Africa Generic code was meant to be easy to memorize compared to specific codes which vary from one branch to another.
  2. This code will definitely help you run online business transactions across the world. The Nedbank south Africa Universal Code is 198 765.
  3. Using this code number, you can transfer money from one bank account to another safely. It helps users enhance accuracy during transactions in different Nedbank outlets universally. Therefore, this code was created above all bank branches to support all users all over the world whenever they are away from their local Nedbank branches. The branch codes are therefore unique and vary in different Nedbank South Africa Outlets.

Why use Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch code?

  • Nedbank Users in South Africa require a unique general code to determine the specific location of different outlets. It also brings assurance to the customer that they are transacting their cash to the right account.
  • This user-friendly generic number not only enhances security but also efficiency when performing online banking transactions.

How To Locate Your Nedbank Branch Near You In South Africa || Nedbank Branch Locator

  1. Use the NEDBANK South Africa Branch Locator Tool

    After going through the uses and importance of knowing and memorizing the Nedbank Universal Code, we’re going to show you how you can determine the bank branch your account is linked to. The tool used by Nedbank users to perform this simple task is called Nedbank Branch-Locator.

  2. Nedbank Branch Locator tool shall show you your branch details

    It reveals the specific code of your branch, the Branch’s Contact information as well as specific trade hours of the Nedbank Branch to your account is registered.

  3. Keep Your NEDBANK branch code and details safe

    We advise you to keep this code either in your notebook or memorize it in your head as well. Using the Nedbank South Africa Universal Branch Code, you can now easily perform your online banking tasks and access the Nedbank services online as well.

  4. Alternatively, You can check other braches that offer service without necessarily being your registered branch

    You can also check out a list of various Nedbank South Africa branch codes that will definitely help you run transactions if you’re registered under the specific branches. If you’re wondering about missing specific codes for certain branches, you’re recommended to use the universal generic symbol to access your account and transact safely.

How to locate your Nedbank Branch
Nedbank near me

Frequently Asked Questions About NEDBANK South Africa Branch Codes 2022

Does Nedbank South Africa have a universal branch code?

Yes, Nedbank South Africa has a universal branch code. This code will definitely help you run online business transactions across the world. The Nedbank South Africa Universal Code is 198 765.

How do I find my Nedbank branch code in south Africa?

To find your Nedbank south Africa Branch code, use our above list of all NEDBANK south Africa branch codes. Alternatively, you can use the NEDBANK south Africa branch Locator tool. Remember, you can opt to use the NEDBANK south Africa universal branch code which is 198 765

Which Nedbank branch is 198765?

In South Africa, the Nedbank branch code 198765 is the code for the Nedbank South Bank branch in Gauteng South Africa located in the 3 RD FLOOR of NEDBANK PLACE, 6 PRESS AVENUE, SELBYCity

Which Nedbank south Africa branch code is 678910?

This is the branch code of Tyme bank in South Africa. Use it when you need to do eft payments to and from Tyme Bank south Africa.

Which bank branch code is 51001?

51001 is the bank branch code of the standard bank of south Africa.

What branch code is 250 655?

250 655 is the bank branch code of Firstrand bank in South Africa.

What is a bank universal branch?

A bank’s universal branch code is a combination of numbers that identify the location where a bank is situated. We have provided you with the south African Nedbank universal branch codes to help you in your online transactions in South Africa.

Do South African banks use IBAN numbers?

No, South African banks do not use IBAN numbers. However, if your bank insists or the kind of transaction you are looking to perform needs a south African IBAN, then use your recipient account number.

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