Nike Sues MSCHF for Lil Nas X’s designer ‘Satan Shoes’


  • MSCHF releases Lil Nas X’S Satan shoes.
  • Are Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes a redesign of the popular Air Max 97?
  • Nike files a lawsuit against MSCHF for trademark violation.

Detailed News

Nike filed a bill against the MSCHF (Lil Nas X’s designers for his “Satan shoes”) which he recently purchased on March 29th, Monday. In the accusation charges, Nike declared that the shoes were produced without Nike’s approval. Nike claims that this sneakers’ style is likely to bring confusion and a faulty association between Nike and MSCHF products in future. The “Satan shoes” have already brought significant damage to Nike’s market since some Nike consumers believe the company is authenticating Satanism.

These kicks are an informal modification of Nike’s popular sneaker Air Max 97. The lawsuit claims that regardless of the modifications i.e. addition of red-ink and a human-blood drop to the middle sole: the “Satan shoes” still depict Nike’s ‘swoosh logo’ just like the prominent Air max 97. Nike stated that the redesigning by MSCHF might induce safety risks among the consumers.

Previously, MSCHF’s sneakers release was the “Jesus shoes” which were an Air max 97 modification as well. However, Nike did not file any complaints against those. Currently, MSCHF has been sued by Nike for trademark transgression, deceitful design creation and TM dilution.

Lil Nas X depicted his “Satan shoes” as a feature in his Satan-themed video “Call me by your name” AKA Montero. These sneakers are going at limited sales of 666 pairs with an inverted cross, Pentagram sign, and a Bible book reference i.e. Luke 10:18 which says ‘I saw the Devil drop like lighting from heaven’. Nike eventually declared that they didn’t have any relationship with MSCHF or Lil Nas X either. Neither did they design or endorse Lil Nas X’s “Satan shoes”.

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