NTSA TIMS: How to Transfer a Vehicle Online in Kenya

Transferring car ownership from the old to the new owner has been made easier since you can access this NTSA service online using your PC or mobile device. Instead of staying in queues and visiting a number of offices to acquire this service, the guidelines below: NTSA TIMS- how to transfer a vehicle online in Kenya will help you transfer a vehicle easily on the NTSA portal. Therefore, it’s recommendable to go through this article for an easy and well-explained procedure to easily transfer your sold car to its new owner within a short time. You can access the NTS TIMS portal from your home or office on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer; as long as it is connected to a working internet.  

What is TIMS?

TIMS is an abbreviation for the Transport Integrated Management Systems. It was launched by NTSA to offer online vehicle transfer services. Individuals, institutions, and organizations use TIMS to acquire the following services as well:  

  1.  Duplicate Logbook application 
  2. Vehicle ownership transfers 
  3. Change of particulars 
  4. Car registration 
  5. Car inspection  

 Instances where one’s Car titles might change:  

  1.  During car or vehicle inheritance. 
  2. After completely paying your car loan. 
  3. When buying a new vehicle. 
  4. When selling off your car. 
  5. When transferring your car ownership to friends or family. 


For you to easily transfer a vehicle’s ownership on the NTSA TIMS portal, you need to have a working TIMS account for an easier procedure.  


However, if you don’t own an account, here is how you can create an account on the TIMS Portal today: Continue to page 2

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