The blood contains platelets which are responsible for blood clotting in case of a wound. However, some people have an excess load of platelets that may make blood clot in the vessels, thereby leading to either a heart attack or a stroke. In the case of too many platelets production, antiplatelet drugs should be used. Aspirin works well for this purpose. p2y12 inhibitors are a group of antiplatelet drugs that can also be used as receptor blockers. We prepared these P2Y12 inhibitors – antiplatelet drugs ultimate guide to help you know everything you need to know about antiplatelet inhibitors.


  1. Clopidogrel
  2. Ticlopidine
  3. Ticagrelor
  4. Prasugrel
  5. Cangrelor

Who are P2Y12 inhibitors meant for?

Antipletelets drugs are commonly used for the following purposes.

  1. For those with PAD, they are used to prevent stroke or heart attack.
  2. For those with narrowing arteries or those with a stent inserted, clopidogrel is used. Aspirin also works fine for this.
  3. Aspirin is also used for those who need to control primary or secondary heart disease. In case of allergy to Asprin, it can be replaced with clopidogrel.
  4. For those who received a stent in the event of PCI, those with unstable Agina, and those with acute coronary syndrome, a combination of aspirin and one other antiplatelet drug is used.
  5. For those who are undergoing angioplasty in the presence or absence of stenting Asprin and clopidogrel works well.
  6. Prevent mini-strokes, treat, and prevent heart attacks.
  7. When stents are inserted inside batteries, antiplatelet are used to prevent blood from clotting there.

This drugs can be used singly or as a combination. Ensure that you see a professional doctor to advice on the best combination or selection to use in each case.

What are the side effects of P2Y12 inhibitors?

There are general side effects you should expect to experience in case you use platelet inhibitors. Some side effects are specific to some types of drugs. It is also good to let your doctor know if you have any special condition like pregnancy, bleeding issues, stomach ulcers or breastfeeding.

General side effects

  1. Skin rashes
  2. Itching
  3. Stomach pain
  4. Nausea
  5. Diarrhea

Antiplatelet Drug specific side effects

  1. Ticagrelor might lead to shortness of breath or sometimes increase problems with the functioning of the kidney.
  2. Ticlopidine might lead to a reduced white blood cells count and also a disorder of the immune system which destroys platelets

P2Y12 Inhibitors Usage – Dosage

Your health officer shall give you a specific custom prescription of P2Y12 Inhibitors. They are found in form of pills. Once you have started dosage, never stop unless advised by your medical officer.

Precautions when taking P2Y12 Inhibitors

  1. Ensure you take enough food and water when taking P2Y12 Inhibitors drugs, this shall help you reduce the side effects.
  2. Ensure you inform your doctor before taking blood thinners such as heparin and warfarin, arthritis or pain medicine, tamoxifen, phenytoin, tolbutamide, demadex.
  3. Before taking any medicine with a composition of brufen or Asprin, ensure to talk to your doctor. Let them advise accordingly on whether to stop and how.
  4. Clopidogrel should be avoided by breastfeeding women since it can be passed to the infant. Also, a mother in the late phase of pregnancy should avoid it.
  5. In case you have a kidney or liver problem, talk to your health office to ascertain whether it is safe first.
  6. Store P2Y12 Inhibitors drugs in areas away from the reach of children and also cool and dry.

What should you do if you miss a dose of P2Y12 Inhibitors

  1. If it is not the time for the next dose yet, just take it soonest possible.
  2. In case the time for the next dose has come, assume the previous and take your usual dose.
  3. NEVER TAKE DOUBLE DOSE to compensate a skipped dose.

When should I call a doctor when using P2Y12 Inhibitors drugs

In case of any persistent side effects, you shall need to call a doctor for help. Here are instances when to call a doctor.

  1. In case you experience any abnormal bleeding like blood in your cough, abnormal vaginal bleeding, blood in stool and urine, abnormal nosebleeding, and many other similar signs.
  2. If you experience prolonged dizziness.
  3. Prolonged chest pains and tightening of the chest
  4. Swollen face and hands
  5. A persistent and painful stomach-ache
  6. Skin rashes
  7. Difficult breathing
  8. Hives, itching or tingling in the face and hands

We hope you got enough information on P2Y12 Inhibitors drugs. Ensure you use this information for reference only and seek professional doctor advice before using P2Y12 Inhibitors. P2Y12 Inhibitors drugs can also be referred to as Thienopyridines, Blood thinners, Antiplatelet therapy.


What are P2Y12 drugs?

p2y12 inhibitors are a group of antiplatelet drugs that can also be used as receptor blockers. Examples are: Clophidogrel Ticlopidine Ticagrelor Prasugrel Cangrelor

What is P2Y12 test?

This is a test performed on patients receiving p2y12 drugs to determine the extent of effectiveness of the drugs in inhibiting platelets.

What are examples of ADP inhibitors?


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