Paris Berelc, a young American actress known for some of her magnificent roles in the Mighty Med television show. Her personal background was unrelated to the model industry and the movie. Most of the people who tend to be movie fanatics are curious about the details concerning  Paris Berelc’s married, ethnicity, nationality, family, movies, and TV shows. Paris Berelc has starred in movies such as Tall girl, confessional, and Squad goals. Besides being an actor, she is also an established model working in certain brands like Boston store and K Mart. 

Paris profile summary 

  • Name: Mary Jo Paris Berelc 
  • Age: (as of 2021) 22 years 
  • Date born: 1998 29th December 
  • Relationship status: Relationship 
  • Place born: Wisconsin, America 
  • Ethnicity: Filipino European 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Profession: Model, gymnast, Actress 
  • Spouse: Griffo Jack 
  • Net worth: 3.5 million dollars 
  • Biography 

For all of those curious about Paris Berelc married, ethnicity, nationality, family, movies and TV shows, well don’t go anywhere, cause we got your answer right here. Paris was conceive in 1998, December 29 in Wisconsin, America. She is an American and is the child to Joseph Berelc together with her wife Maria. The father has a German, Slovenian and French Canadian descent whereas the mother is definitely Filipino. The actress in the family is the oldest. There is no information about Paris education background on the internet. While she was four years she began to dance and while she was nine years, she trained in gymnastics. 


The actress started her career while she was nine years after she was discovered by Ford Models. She featured in certain top investments that includes the brands from Kmart, Sears and Kohl. Her first ever lesson in acting happened in Chicago in Acting studio when she was the age of twelve. Her family later moved to California, Los Angeles in order to ty out her chances in the acting career, after training for two years. This paid off well as she began to act professionally in the year 2013. Her first ever role was in the Mighty Med as Storm Skylar. 

The show unfortunately ended in the year 2015, but stared in the spinoff series as Skylar. She also featured in Elite force and Lab rats of which premiered in the year 2016, March 2nd. Paris Berelc has most definitely starred in various films that included Alexa and Katie, and Hubie Halloween the Netflix movie as Megan. 

Paris Berelc TV shoes and movies 

  • 2013-2015: Skylar storm in Mighty Med 
  • 2013: Disney 365 
  • 2014: Captain Berelc in Work that and Nod your Head, herself in Just kidding. 
  • 2015: Captain Berelc in California party life and night you won’t forget, Molly in Invisible sister. 
  • 2016: WTH, Skylar Storm in Lab rats and Elite force 
  • 2018: Brittany Gomez in squadgoals  

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