Parliament to strip off TSC powers- Teachers Win Big

Parliament Strips TSC Powers – Teachers Win Big

Parliament to strip off TSC powers- Teachers Win Big


  • The parliament is speculating to separate power entities in the Teachers  Service Commission
  • The National Assembly suggests that regulatory powers should be taken away from TSC and become assigned to a new Agency

Detailed News- Sossion wins Big 

The Parliament is likely to review what the former KNUT Chairman (Wilson Sossion) kept fighting for before leaving the board. The National assembly seems to consider the enforcement of separating the two TSC roles of employer and regulator. Hereby, another Agency is expected to come in and take over the regulatory role thus leaving the TSC as the employer only. However, the agency is yet to be identified as of now. The regulatory agency is expected to enforce requirements and qualifications for new individuals joining the profession. It will also be responsible for making sure the standard for activities is set for these professionals. 

Teachers Must Wear Uniform in Kenya-TSC

If parliament makes the review and the proposal goes through, this will become a very big win and honor for the farmer KNUT Chairman Gen Wilson Sossion. Wison Sossion spent most of his career opposing the Teachers Service Commission’s double-role power. The former chairman realized the need to engage a separate regulatory agency to minimize the conflict of interests which has been an all-time problem in TSC.

 However, Kenyans have argued claiming that Article 237 in the Kenyan Constitution will become a barrier towards making the implementation. On the other hand, if the mandate becomes effective, the roles will have to be split between the Teachers Service Commission and a separate regulatory body. The Ministry of Education is expected to take a retreat for two weeks and discuss the matter before coming to a conclusion. The TSC will possibly lose its registration powers for new teachers joining the profession as well as the power to conduct and to renew licenses for teachers on Practice. 

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  1. Efficiency lies in proper management of teachers. Conflict of interest arises on the manner in which TSC is run. Separation of powers is key for effective service delivery. I propose and agree to delink TSC from being the employer and regulator

  2. Refresher courses not bad for teachers but they shouldn’t be painful. Many employees fund refresher courses for employees and administer such courses in ways that make employees look forward to course not fear.
    Refresher courses would be good for teachers if
    1. It doesn’t cost them the little they earn. Many teachers are family people with several children in schools and colleges
    2. Conducted in a teacher-friendly manner. Deliver modules to schools and arrange for strictly supervised assessment at a time and place convenient to teachers. Imagine a teacher travelling from Moyale ,wajir ,Garisa to a center five hundred kilometres away. Busfare and accommofldation will be too much.

    Lastly ,rather than disturb already disturbed teachers, let’s make teaching a
    profession. Let teachers be trained for five or six years.

  3. Beatrice Chombo says:

    Teaching has become a small hell for teachers who will not allow even their children to undergo teaching courses

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