Parliament to strip off TSC powers- Teachers Win Big

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  1. Efficiency lies in proper management of teachers. Conflict of interest arises on the manner in which TSC is run. Separation of powers is key for effective service delivery. I propose and agree to delink TSC from being the employer and regulator

  2. Refresher courses not bad for teachers but they shouldn’t be painful. Many employees fund refresher courses for employees and administer such courses in ways that make employees look forward to course not fear.
    Refresher courses would be good for teachers if
    1. It doesn’t cost them the little they earn. Many teachers are family people with several children in schools and colleges
    2. Conducted in a teacher-friendly manner. Deliver modules to schools and arrange for strictly supervised assessment at a time and place convenient to teachers. Imagine a teacher travelling from Moyale ,wajir ,Garisa to a center five hundred kilometres away. Busfare and accommofldation will be too much.

    Lastly ,rather than disturb already disturbed teachers, let’s make teaching a
    profession. Let teachers be trained for five or six years.

  3. Beatrice Chombo says:

    Teaching has become a small hell for teachers who will not allow even their children to undergo teaching courses

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