Pass AZ-900 Exam using this simple detailed guide

To save you more time for actual preparation, we compiled a short and detailed guide to help you prepare and pass the AZ-900 Exam. Learn the exact and best preparation practices and resources needed to pass AZ-900 Exam. So, let’s get straight to the point and precisely understand how winners prepare and deploy their plan.

What is AZ-900 Exam?

AZ-900 exam is a test by Microsoft to evaluate an understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud services. It tests your knowledge on:

  • • Cloud concepts
  • • Azure pricing
  • • Fundamentals of cloud security
  • • Privacy, compliance & trust

Azure fundamentals tests for beginner’s knowledge of Microsoft Azure and cloud services. It’s not required as a precondition for any other Azure certifications that are specialty certification or role-based.

The structure & timing of the AZ-900 Exam.

As per the June 2020 AZ-9000 exam, there are 4 main areas to be tested, that is:

  • • Describe cloud concepts (15%-20%).
  • • Describe core Azure services (30%-35%)
  • • Describe security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25%-30%)
  • • Describe Azure pricing, service level agreements and life cycles (20%-25%)

You need to prepare on all the above parts before facing the exam. Depending on your schedule, you can prepare in 1-4 weeks. Use the preparation guide and material we offer below to prepare for AZ-900 Exam.

What hardness level is expected?

Although meant for beginners, this test is challenging and therefore needs adequate preparation. Most people pass in their first attempt; however, it is common to fail and do a retake. With adequate preparation, there shall be no retakes for you.

Questions tested and pass mark (30-50 quiz & 1000 total marks)

Expect 30-50 questions with a total of 1000 marks. You need to score 700 marks and above to pass.

How to prepare for the AZ-900 exam.

Preparation shall determine whether you pass or not. We compiled this guide to help you focus on the relevant parts and avoid wasting time on irrelevant areas. The result is a short effective preparation.

This is how you do your revision in the right way.

To grab the relevant concepts for the AZ-900 exam, you shall have to get the right materials. We do a list of materials that shall see you through the revision and practice process. Remember, this exam is taken by a lot of people, we have communities where you can join and share or ask questions in case you are stuck. Doing practice questions after revision of each section shall make you grab the necessary areas that the exam targets.

1. Start with training courses. They are a great resource from the start to the end of preparation.

Training courses are a great resource especially because they guide you through the course in a logical manner, rather than random ideas here and there from articles and videos. This doesn’t mean that videos aren’t important, in fact, you shall find a need for videos through the course to help you understand. There are a lot on u-tube, we also sample some after this course.

So, grab a course such as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. and start learning.

2. Find help in videos as you learn using the course.

You shall notice that some concepts in the course need explanation. There are a number of U-tube videos to help you out. Here are some of them.This sample

3. question and answers are what winners go for after revision.

You need to actually get to answer, or attempt to answer questions as they are expected to appear in the exam. Some of the questions keep appearing multiple times. Check out this book for sample questions and answers that give you the confidence to face AZ-900 and pass.

4. Now go for it and pass

Once you are confident and have answers multiple questions correctly, find the Azure fundamentals examination here. With a keen follow up on our AZ-900 examination guide, we are sure that you shall pass. Wish you success.

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