Paul McCartney, a well-known rock star from Britain has over the years been very successful as a singer and composer. He is a respected bassist and vocalist of which has favored the upcoming and uprising of his net worth and attracted fame all over the world. Most people ask Paul McCartney’s net worth 2021: Is he the richest rock star? Well, don’t go anywhere as we got your answers right here. 

Paul is making progress continually on the charts. He has greatly progressed in his music career and speculations concerning his wealth shows that the musician during his career, accumulated a big fortune. Some say he is the richest rock star in the entire world. We will figure that out down below. 

Paul’s net worth 

Paul is the richest in Beatle with a ridiculous 1.2 billion dollars as his net worth. He is currently 78:years. The bigger share of his net worth has been contributed mainly by his music productions. He is definitely one of the richest pop musicians in history.  For those asking Paul McCartney’s net worth 2021: Is he the richest rock star? He definitely is the richest in Beatle with Bono coming in second with a net worth of about 700 million dollars. 

How Paul McCartney become so rich 

Paul during his music career has not engaged in any deals, that may bring losses and all along he was a very good single artist. He has although remained at the scene since starting his music career.  

Album sales plus inheritance he acquired. 

The star and  co founder of Beatles is very famous for his many hit singles and releasing six quality gold discs. He has 100 million hit singles, a high record. After his spouse died, he inherited a net worth of about 200 million dollars. This greatly contributed to the riding of his net wealth in general. He luckily received some part of his money untaxed as he had estate planning strategies and plans. 

Music publication and touring 

Touring is also a great contributor to his big net worth. Forbes recently released information between the year 2010 and the year 2016, because of touring he gained 350 million dollars and more. Being a solo artist has greatly contributed to his fame and his wealth. He is a celebrated pop musician, the main reason he has many record breaking albums. He also send some of his net worth from publishing music. 

Paul’s real estate management and property investment 

Paul McCartney is the co founder of Beatles and Wings bands. He owns some properties in some of the States. His net worth estimation from the real estate is roughly 150 million dollars. Some of the property he acquired are down below 

New York townhouse 

He acquired this property in the year 1984. It is found around the Modern Arts museum. Sources say that he purchased this property at roughly 1.88 million dollars. Paul McCartney’s net worth 2021: Is he the richest rock star? This property quite explains that. 

Home at the East Hampton 

He bought a home at East Hampton in the year 1998. The home is estimated to be roughly close to 500,000 million dollars. 

Mansion at Beverly Hills 

In the year 2001, Paul bought a big mansion in Beverly Hills at a price estimated to be 4 million dollars. Later on, he listed the mansion for sale with a price of about 26 million dollars. 

Essex estate and Tuscon ranch 

Paul I the proud owner of the ranch near the Tuscon area and is about 190 acres. Also in Essex, on the eastern side, he owns a big estate which is about 1500 acres. 

Paul album success 

He had a lot of money within months after he released the Egypt Station album which was his seventeenth album. His productions are protected simply because he has publishing rights. Paul’s publishing rights and royalties have contributed greatly to producing number one best hits since the 80s when he began his music industry. 

Between Paul McCartney and Elton John who is wealthier? 

Paul McCartney’s net worth 2021: Is he the richest rock star? Between the pair, Paul McCartney is definitely richer than John who has a net worth estimation of 500 million dollars. This goes to confirm that he is the richest rock star currently in the entire world. 

The pop singer from Britain has proved that he is one of the best in the pop history and has gone on to be even more prosperous and create a very solid career that the younger generation can emulate. 

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