Peer to peer (p2p) meaning – what is it in tech?

Any regular visitor to the internet must have interacted with the abbreviation P2P, mostly in technology and economics. In this article, we shall give an in-depth definition of peer to peer p2p networks, what they are, how the work and how to use them. Later we shall give peer to peer (p2p) meaning in economics and its application. Be our guest.

Peer to peer definition in technology

What is the a peer to peer p2p network?

P2P networks are computers with distributed architecture. Meaning, in this network system, all connected computers are equal hence the term peers. Each of the connected computers acts as both a client and a server. The network allows file sharing without third-party intermediaries.

What are p2p networks used for?

The main usage of p2p networks is the sharing of files among the connected computers. However, they can also share the workload, that is sharing resources like bandwidth, disk storage space, and processing power. P2P networks have worked well in file-sharing because of their ability to share files simultaneously.

Let’s explain this more. Take an example of the normal downloading process where you access a site and download a file. In this kind of download, the file comes from the server and you cannot send the server a file, neither can the server access files in your device, it is one-way traffic.

Now in Pere to peer, you access a peer computer’s files and download them while the peer computer can also access your files and download them simultaneously. That is two-way traffic, you receive and send at the same time. However, for your computer to be connected to peer computers, you have to get connected using BitTorrent as the starting point.

What is the importance of peer to peer p2p networks?

Peer to peer networks has unique abilities and characteristics that make them important. Below are some:

  1. It is hard to bring p2p networks down. For someone to completely bring the network down, they have to bring down all the peer computers.
  2. Peer to peer networks gets faster with more peers connected. If the file one peer is downloading is available in all peer’s resources, it is downloaded in bits from each and simultaneously. Unlike a server that gets slower with lore traffic.
  3. Peer networks are highly scalable, that is, you can add a peer without any much protocols such as configuration, or the service of a central administrator server.

What are some examples of p2p networks application?

P2p networks are commonly used as a cheaper and better option since you don’t have to pay for server charges. They are also faster and efficient. Here are some of the common p2p network applications.

  1. Transfer of large files is easier done through p2p networks. Good examples are games like StarCraft II are transferred using the p2p network architecture.
  2. Operating systems for Linux are usually transferred using a p2p network using BitTorrent as the starting point.
  3. Updates of Windows 10 are done through both servers of Microsoft and through p2p networks.
  4. A p2p network is created in windows 7 and windows 8.1 when you use the feature of creating an ad-hoc network between two computers.
  5. In versions of Windows 10 before the 1803 version and windows 7 and 8.1, there is an allowance to create a p2p network through the homegroup feature.

Are p2p networks illegal?

p2p networks are legit and helpful in their features. However, the technology has been used for piracy causes. Some websites utilize this technology to provide copyrighter content such as movies and music. Whenever you use p2p networks, ensure you are using them legitimately and in accordance with the law.

Are p2p networks banned?

There has been a debate on whether p2p networks should be banned or not. However, p2p networks have remained the easiest way to transfer files legally and mostly illegally. However, the question remains, should a genuine helpful network architecture like p2p be faced off because of malicious users who use it for the wrong purpose?



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