Best places to buy wholesale hardware items

Most people prefer to buy wholesale items at relevant cheap prices, but finding the best place to buy them can become a headache. Down below, we have combined the best places to buy wholesale hardware items at relevant cheap prices.

wholesale hardware stock sellers in Kenya

Places to buy hardware stock at wholesale prices

Most local hardware shops are preferred in purchasing wholesale products as they cut down the general cost of purchasing the items and you can acquire overpriced items that include electronics at a cheaper rate and you can consider starting a business. These places include;

Business nameLocationPhone numberEmail
Kingluxus limitedNairobi0798726039[email protected]
Racnash enterprisesEldoret0704232967[email protected]
zuidier limitedNairobi254 769 382 388[email protected] online DIY storeNairobi+254 780 444 445[email protected]
HARDWARE & GENERAL STORESMombasa0733486045[email protected]
Jogim HardwareNairobi25441220852
Poly TanksNairobi020 5004401[email protected]
SAMER HARDWAREclose to SERIAN COURTS+254 41 222 4464,222 0358[email protected]
Neff Auto Spares Hardware LtdPatel Samaj,Building,Haile Sellaise Road,0725420228
Royal Trading Limited.Mombasa road opposite City Cabanas, Nairobi, Kenya+254-20-2044619[email protected]
Maintainance Store, Nairobi0732814632
Matigari gen merchants/ hardwareNairobi0728778905
Places to buy your hardware stock at wholesale prices in Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wholesale 50% of the retail?

Apparel retail types usually target a 30%-50% profit margin for wholesale products.

How much can one save buying wholesale products?

Most people tend to save 25% of the total price of the products, although you might incur losses if the goods don’t sell.

What are the best places to buy bulk prices?

You can consider online e-commerce websites that include Alibaba, eBay, Costco, and Estate-ke which sells wholesale products at amazing prices.

Why do most people prefer to buy goods in bulk?

Buying goods in bulk ensures you save money as it costs cheaper.

Why is wholesale buying of goods discouraged?

Although it costs cheaper to buy wholesale products, consumers can get wary of the extra products and their utility.

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