Places you can bike in Qatar

Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise while having fun. It is proven to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and flexibility, improves joint mobility, and improved joint mobility among others. Biking has become popular in Qatar both professionally or as a hobby. This is a guide to Places you can bike in Qatar; bicycle lanes and cycling trails you can follow in Qatar.

Can I ride a bike in Qatar?

Yes, you can ride your bike and enjoy cycling in Qatar since there are sort paths and routes dedicated for this recreational activity. These paths enhance safe and healthy cycling since they’re well-built and customized to accommodate long distance and short distance riders as well. The Olympic Cycling track committed to professional cyclist is a no-brainer for professional and experienced riders in Qatar. Check out our list below for places where you can go biking/cycling in Qatar:

Places you can bike in Qatar- For Visitors

Hamad International Airport (HIA)

The Hamad International Airport has a good network for beginners. They have a 3Km stretch of a bike lane where one can enjoy rides and learn to ride. It is a very easy lane to follow. It is good for exercise and committed bikers will be able to get closer to the fitness they desire.

Al-Bidda Park

Al-Bidda Park is a very popular park in Qatar. It creates a good environment for learners to practice their cycling. The park has a 5Km biking lane that provides a calm, relaxing and smooth bike ride through nature. The biking lanes are in top condition and are easy to navigate and cruise.

Doha Festival City (DFC)

This is a fun and exciting biking track. This city is filled with adventure without compromising on safety. It is like a citywide tour of Doha on your Bike. It is designed with safety features to prevent biking accidents. The cityscape in the background is also very enchanting and inviting. The bike lane is easy to follow as well.

Advanced bikers in Qatar are recommended to visit;


Committed bikers are advised to hit the trails at Al-Fuwairit in Qatar. It is a biking experience on a whole different level. Al-Fuwairit has a 5Km trail that starts in the middle of the desert and with various climbs uphill with challenging terrain with the desert sun demanding a lot from your body, before descending into the downhill slope. The ride is as difficult as it seems therefore has a satisfying feeling for all those who complete it. The ride along the coastline is also very memorable.


Experienced bikers looking for a challenge are urged to try biking at the Al-Kheesa trail. It is one of the most preferred trails among advanced bikers. It tests the skill and endurance of bikers making it one of the most sought-after trails in Qatar. Every uphill climb requires effort and speed here is vital. The trail is a 5Km stretch of rocky and sandy terrain, which adds up to the challenge. The desert background makes navigation that much harder, which still adds to the beauty of the environment.

Places you can bike in Qatar – For Experts/Pro’s/Extreme bikers


Al-Khor is located 60 Km from Doha, making it an ideal location away from the city. This biking trail is for bikers looking for the very best of biking trails. Extreme bikers like this 5-7 Km long trail for its unpredictability and the challenge in navigation. Its deserted roads enable advanced bikers to speed through the trail with ease. Some turns are also hard to make due to limited space in the desert, therefore, one mistake could lead to tragedy. Moreover, Professional expertise is recommended when navigating this risky trail.

Sunset Ridge

This trail is a 5km long stretch out in nowhere, with very few sights and distractions. The major challenge in this trail is the desert heat. Riders are advised to carry extra water. Apart from having incredible heat, and riding through space, the trail has hidden terrain in the desert. It has a lovely view on the uphill climb with rough edges going uphill. It will take patience and concentration to beat the rock formations.

Camp Banayad

This is one of the most highly recommendable trails for any bikers seeking adventure in Qatar. This bike trail is difficult to navigate and requires some technique. Skill may be required to jump ramps and other obstacles on the trail. The terrain is unstable with odd rock formations adding to the difficulty and boosting the trail’s reputation. The trail was owned and named by Filipinos who discovered it. It is a good challenge for any advanced bikers looking for a challenge.

This article has been a guide to some of the places you can bike in Qatar, around Doha. Stay hydrated and try any of these trails for a memorable experience.

Places to ride a bike in Qatar – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride a bike in Qatar?

Yes, you can ride a bike in Qatar. The places we point out in the above article are the best sites to ride a bike in Qatar. While the roads in Qatar aren’t designed to be cycling-friendly, there are a lot of other legit places you can ride a bike.

Is it legal to ride a bike in Qatar?

Yes, it is legal to cycle in Qatar, however there are a number of rules to follow when riding a bicycle in Qatar. Ensure you are well versed with the laws that guide riding a bicycle in Qatar before getting out for a ride.

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