Police light bonfire on Thika road – Kuni ni mingi

Motorists who were held up on That is road for the night had a special treat from police. Police lit up bonfires to help them keep warm overnight. The motorists had been held up due to breaking curfew rules.

In a shared video, the an officer is seen adding wood to the fire from a police land cruiser, the held up curfew violaters sorround the fire in a bid to keep warm. Another officer is herd saying that the violaters shall be held till 4am, the time curfew ends.

However, with just a single bonfire, the violaters crimes together thereby breaking covid-19 prevention rule of keeping social distance. The violaters seemed to get along with police over time, some are here asking police to provide meat so they can roast on the bonfire.

Police light bonfire on Thika road

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