Various medical centers in Kenya have the authority administered by the Ministry of Health to provide Kenyans with the Covid-19 Prc test. Prc test for travel cost in Nairobi Kenya varies from place to place in approved and reliable COVID-19 laboratories and testing centers.

These testing centers are also available at the airport and are used for both surveillance and travel purposes. Travelers can acquire a trusted travel certificate, which will allow them to freely travel the world without any problems.

Pcr test for travel costs in Nairobi Kenya

COVID-19 requirements for Prc travel test certificate

In case you want to go for the COVID-19 test, in order to check up on your medical condition, you can visit the local testing hospitals. Although, if you want to access a valid COVID-19 test certificate in order to obey the travel regulations, it is a must you acquire your test results at KCAA-approved and reliable testing laboratories. You should ensure that you acquire your test results three days before departure to other countries.

COVID-19 test costs in Kenya

Down below, we have comprised some of the prices of COVID-19 tests in various hospitals across Nairobi.

HospitalPrice (Ksh)Test ApprovalTest release date
Kenyatta University hospital3,000KCAA Approved2-3 days
Kenyatta National Hospital5,000KCAA Approved24 hours
AMREF Medical center (Wilson airport)5,500KCAA Approved24 hours
Nairobi South Hospital5,500KCAA Approved24 hours
KEMRI6,000KCAA Approved24 hours
Coptic Hospital6,000KCAA Approved24 hours
Nairobi West Hospital6,000Not Approved24 hours
Gertrudes Garden Children Hospital7,000KCAA Approved24 hours
Aga Khan Hospital7,500KCAA Approved48 hours
Prc test for travel cost in Nairobi Kenya
Pcr test for travel costs in Nairobi Kenya

How to apply for COVID-19 testing in Kenya

if you want to know your medical status and be tested for COVID-19, you can apply at various hospitals through emails and by contacting them. Here are some of the contacts that you can use to apply for COVID-19 testing in hospitals across Kenya.

  • Aga Khan Hospital- 0711092000
  • Amref laboratory- 0206994609
  • Pathcare Kenya- 0722203074
  • Karen Hospital- 0736222001, 0726222001
  • Nairobi Hospital- 0202845000
  • Lancet laboratories- 0729111110
  • M.P Shah Hospital- 0204291100
  • Nairobi West Hospital-0755952433


How long do COVID-19 test results take to be released?

it takes around 2-3 days to release COVID-19 results for KCAA-approved hospitals and medical centers.

How much is a COVID-19 Test in Kenya?

Most of the KCAA-approved hospitals charge around Ksh.8000 to Ksh.11,000 for a COVID-19 test.

What is the original cost of Prc testing in Kenya?

the original cost of Prc testing in Kenya starts from Ksh,6,800.

Are COVID-19 Pcr results accepted if the in-bound flights are delayed?

COVID-19 results can be accepted in Kenya for inbound travelers, however, it should not pass three days after you have collected the results.

Is it a must you present the Prc certificate at the airport boarding gate?

For international inbound travelers, it is required that you show your Prc results at the airport boarding gate.

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