Price of cement in Kenya

Cement is one of the main materials when planning to do construction. The price of cement in Kenya has been relatively constant over the years compared to other construction inputs. The fact that we have cement manufacturing companies within the country has facilitated such a relatively low and constant price. The price of cement in Kenya might differ a little bit depending on the location and brand. Today, we present you with the latest approximate cost of cement in Kenya. While the prices are bound to change over time and depending on a number of factors, they shall always be slightly lower or above the prices below. 

Why is the price of cement different parts of Kenya 

The price of cement in Kenya varies a lot from region to region. For instance, the price of cement in Nairobi shall always be lower than the price of cement in other parts of rural Kenya. This is because areas that are far from the cement manufacturing areas must incur the expense of transportation. However, the price does not skyrocket because of this and shall always be something around the below values.  

How much does a bag of cement cost in Kenya 

First, it depends on the number of bags you are buying. The more the number of bags, the lower the price per bag. However, expect to spend atleast 600-700 per bag of cement in kenya. Again, as said earlier, these prices are bond to change from time to time depending on factors like brand and location. 

Here are some of the best cement brands in kenya 

Bamburi Cement 

Bamburi Cement is located in Mombasa, Nairobi and Athi river. Being one of the oldest cement companies in kenya, the brand has survived the test to be one of the best cements in Kenya. The headquarters of bamburi Cement are in Bamburi, Mombasa. 

Rhino Cement 

Rhino Cement hasn’t been here for long but they are hitting the market hard. They are located in Athi river Kenya and market their products inside and outside kenya.  

East African Portland Cement 

The east African Portland Cement has been around for fairly long. The company is headquarters in Athi river Kenya and is one of the largest cement Manufacturers in kenya. 

Savanna Cement 

Savanna Cement are new to the Kenyan cement market. However, they have been able to sail through the Kenyan market, thanks to their affordable pricing. They are located in Athi river, like most of cement companies in Kenya. 

What causes cement price fluctuations in Kenya 

Power Issues 

In Kenya, the main suppler of electricity is Kenya power and lighting company. KPLC is fond of poor connectivity and constant power outages. Cement companies depend on power to run the heavy machinery used in production, when there is no electricity, they are forced to use alternative means of energy which is expensive.  

Shift in the cost of transportation 

Cement is bulky and involves a lot of transportation of the raw materials and the finished products. Transportation in Kenya is mostly by toads and greatly affected by flactuations in the price of fuel. Therefore, when the price of fuel hikes, the cost of transportation rises making the cost of production hight.  

Changes in the policy of government 

The government is always designing means to manage and make companies work for the great benefit of the citizens. Changes to government policies specific to companies affect cement companies also and thereby causing fluctuations in cement prices in Kenya  

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