Are you a Car enthusiast seeking the Price of a Land Cruiser Prado TX For Sale in Kenya? Whether you’re looking for a Brand new Land Cruiser TX or a Second hand/Used one, the prices are usually close since the same factors are considered when buying the 4WD SUV’s various trims.

You can also check out the TX trims for more options if you’re undecided about the model you should go for.

Price of Land Cruiser TX in Kenya

Price of Toyota Land Cruiser TX For Sale in Kenya

Toyota Prado Land CruiserPrado TX, Petrol, 2700cc, 4WD, 5-SeaterPrado TX, Diesel, 2700cc, 4WD, 5-SeaterPrado TX, Petrol, 2700cc, 4WD, 7-SeaterPrado TX, Diesel, 2700cc, 4WD, 7-SeaterPrado TX, Petrol/Diesel, 2700cc, 4WD, 7-Seater, SunroofPrado TX-L, Petrol, 2700cc, 4WD, 5-SeaterPrado TX-L, Diesel, 2800cc, 4WD, 5-SeaterPrado TX-L, Petrol, 2700cc, 4WD, 7-SeaterPrado TX-L, Petrol, 2800cc, 4WD, 7-SeaterPrado TZ-G, Diesel, 2800cc, 4WD, 7-
2015Ksh 4,750,000 – Ksh 5,100,000Ksh 4,950,000 – Ksh 5,300,000Ksh 5,350,000 – Ksh 5,700,000Ksh 5,360,000 – Ksh 5,700,000Ksh 5,740,000 – Ksh 6,100,000KES 5,500,000 – KES 5,900,000KES 5,560,000 – KES 5,900,000KES 5,650,000 – KES 6,000,000KES 5,760,000 – KES 6,100,000KES 6,300,000 – KES 6,700,000
2016Ksh 5,480,000 – Ksh 5,800,000Ksh 5,580,000 – Ksh 5,900,000Ksh 5,350,000 – Ksh 5,700,000Ksh 5,880,000 – Ksh 6,200,000Ksh 6,270,000 – Ksh 6,600,000KES 6,110,000 – KES 6,500,000KES 6,180,000 – KES 6,500,000KES 6,300,000 – KES 6,700,000KES 6,320,000 – KES 6,700,000KES 6,860,000 – KES 7,200,000
2017Ksh 6,360,000 – Ksh 6,800,000Ksh 6,410,000 – Ksh 6,800,000Ksh 6,660,000 – Ksh 7,00,000Ksh 6,770,000 – Ksh 7,100,000Ksh 7,000,000 – Ksh 7,400,000KES 6,460,000 – KES 6,800,000KES 6,560,000 – KES 6,900,000KES 6,660,000 – KES 7,000,000KES 7,010,000 – KES 7,400,000KES 7,580,000 – KES 7,900,000
2018Ksh 6,930,000 – Ksh 7,300,000Ksh 6,980,000 – Ksh 7,300,000Ksh 7,130,000 – Ksh 7,500,000Ksh 7,230,000 – Ksh 7,600,000Ksh 7,730,000 –Ksh 8,100,000KES 7,110,000 – KES 7,500,000KES 7,530,000 – KES 7,900,000KES 7,360,000 – KES 7,700,000KES 7,730,000 – KES 8,100,000KES 8,200,000 – KES 8,600,000
2019Ksh 7,660,000 – Ksh 8,000,000Ksh 7,740,000 – Ksh 8,100,000Ksh 7,860,000 – Ksh 8,200,000Ksh 7,950,000 – Ksh 8,300,000Ksh 8,440,000 – Ksh 8,800,000KES 7,470,000 – KES 7,800,000KES 8,010,000 – KES 8,400,000KES 7,670,000 – KES 8,000,000KES 8,110,000 – KES 8,500,000KES 8,200,000 – KES 8,600,000
2020Ksh 8,270,000 – Ksh 8,600,000Ksh 8,330,000 – Ksh 8,700,000Ksh 8,410,000 – Ksh 8,800,000Ksh 8,460,000 – Ksh 8,800,000Ksh 8,960,000 – Ksh 9,300,000KES 7,820,000 – KES 8,200,000KES 8,490,000 – KES 8,800,000KES 8,020,000 – KES 8,400,000KES 8,690,000 – KES 9,000,000 KES 9,880,000 – KES 10,200,000
Land Cruiser Prado TX For Sale in Kenya

The Toyota Land Cruiser TX is a moderate, Four-Wheel Drive (FWD/AWD) SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Car founded by Toyota in Japan. The Toyota Landcruiser TX for sale in Kenya is one luxurious Five or Seven Seater SUV best for family rides. This SUV is favorable for a family of 5, 6, or even 7 family members; and it has exhibited its outstanding handling on off-road and rough terrains.

The Toyota Land Cruiser TX in Kenya comes in three different Trims available for purchase. Namely:

1. Toyota Prado Land Cruiser TX

The Toyota Prado TX is not only considered the base model Landcruiser but also the cheapest Prado one can purchase. The Toyota Prado Land Cruiser TX price in Kenya ranges from Kes. 4, 750, 000 (5-seater) to Kes. 5, 350, 000 if you’re purchasing the 7-seater trim.

2. Toyota Prado Land Cruiser TX-L

The Toyota Prado TX-L is considered a Mid-level Land cruiser model. This trim has Leather Seats and Alloy rims. To buy a Prado TX-L in Kenya, you’ll need around Kes. 5,500,000 for a 5-seater and Kes. 5,550,000 for a 7-Seater Prado.

3. Toyota Prado Land Cruiser TZ-G

The Toyota Land Cruiser TZ-G is known to be the most luxurious Prado in Kenya. This Luxurious SUV comes at a price of Ksh. 6,300,000 in Kenya.

Land Cruiser Prado TX For Sale in Kenya

Benefits of Buying a Toyota Landcruiser TX

• Has an attractive look
• Exclusive safety features
• It has a Smooth Pick-up
• Powerful and Outstanding Engine performance
• Has exclusive comfy features
• A strong Suspension system
• Its interior is spacious

Disadvantages of buying a Toyota Prado TX

1. High Ownership Cost
There can be only one demerit of purchasing a Toyota Land Cruiser TX, its high ownership cost.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX for Sale in Kenya

One thing every buyer should know about buying a Toyota Prado in Kenya is that the factors considered are quite the same, both when importing and buying from local sellers.

Buyers usually consider these factors when purchasing a Prado Tx;
1. The Car type/Model
2. Condition of the vehicle
3. The vehicle’s mileage
4. Seat types
5. The Engine Capacity

Go through our list of Toyota Land Cruiser TX prices above to see the cost of buying your preferred Toyota SUV today. If you’re having a hard time tracing local or international sellers, you can visit trusted car-selling websites online to make arrangements for your purchase.

Land Cruiser TX Specs

• No of Seats: 5, 7
• Max Engine Power: 163bhp
• Wheel Drive type: 4WD
• Acceleration rate: 0-100Km/h, 12.7 sec
• Fuel/Gas consumption: 11.7 km/L
• Tank maximum capacity: 150L
• Engine Capacity: 2,700CC, 3000CC, 4000CC

Price of a Prado TX in Kenya

Land Cruiser TX Interior

This vehicle is Toyota’s most luxurious as clearly depicted by its interior state and design.

Comfy and Spacious Legroom

Toyota Prado is well known for its adequate space for legroom, headroom, and exclusive roomy cabin. It also has an enormous 9-inch screen in the front middle for navigating the car’s interior features.


The Prado TX’s first and second rows of seats is adequately spacious and comfy thus making it favorable for Long journeys and tours. The third seat row is however cramped and shorter making it suitable for kids or short individuals.

Boot Space

The Land Cruiser TX contains a boot space that can accommodate up to 120 L. The Vehicle’s third and second seat rows can however be folded to extend the boot and create more space which can hold up to 1800L and more.

Land Cruiser TX Exterior

The car’s exterior exhibits ultimate elegance due to its state and level of art and design. This SUV has 17-inch sized wheels made of Alloy which gives it the luxurious look.
The Car also contains Fog lights which are regarded as a safety feature since they play a major role when driving in regions where one may struggle with visibility.

Price for New & Used Petrol Toyota Prado (TRJ150)

YearTXTX-LTZ-G (4000cc)
2014KES 4,300,000 ~ 4,800,000KES 4,500,000 ~ 5,200,000KES 4,900,000 ~ 6,300,000
2015KES 4,400,000 ~ 4,800,000KES 4,500,000 ~ 5,400,000 
2016KES 4,500,000 ~ 4,900,000KES 5,500,000 ~ 6,500,000 
2017KES 4,800,000 ~ 5,300,000KES 5,900,000 ~ 6,800,000 
2018KES 4,990,000 ~ 5,300,000KES 6,000,000 ~ 6,800,000 
2019KES 5,100,000 ~ 5,500,000KES 6,200,000 ~ 6,800,000 
2020KES 5,500,000 ~ 6,500,000KES 6,600,000 ~ 7,700,000 
2021KES 6,900,000 ~ 7,500,000KES 7,200,000 ~ 8,500,000 
Land Cruiser Prado TX For Sale in Kenya

Price for New & Used Diesel Toyota Prado (GDJ150 / GDJ151)

Year/ModelToyota Prado TXToyota Prado TX-LToyota Prado TZ-G (4000cc)
2015KES 4,400,000 ~ 5,000,000KES 5,000,000 ~ 5,700,000KES 5,400,000 ~ 6,100,000
2016KES 4,550,000 ~ 5,100,000KES 5,400,000 ~ 5,800,000KES 5,850,000 ~ 6,300,000
2017KES 5,200,000 ~ 5,800,000KES 6,400,000 ~ 7,000,000KES 6,500,000 ~ 7,400,000
2018KES 5,700,000 ~ 6,200,000KES 6,500,000 ~ 7,400,000KES 7,400,000 ~ 8,300,000
2019KES 6,300,000 ~ 6,900,000KES 7,300,000 ~ 8,000,000KES 7,800,000 ~ 8,600,000
2020KES 7,000,000 ~ 7,700,000KES 8,200,000 ~ 8,900,000KES 9,000,000 ~ 9,600,000
2021KES 7,800,000 ~ 8,500,000KES 8,700,000 ~ 9,300,000KES 9,500,000 ~ 10,200,000
Prado TX for sale in Kenya

With these Buying guides and the Price of Land Cruiser TX in Kenya, you can buy the Toyota Land Cruiser TX model of your choice. You can either go for a used second-hand car or import a brand-new one depending on your budget.


How much is a Prado TX in Kenya?

To buy a Toyota Prado TX in Kenya in 2022, one might require a base budget of around Kes. 5,500,000 for a 5- seater Landcruiser from local sellers, or even overseas shipments if you’re seeking a brand new SUV for your family travels. Check out our full list of Toyota Land Cruiser prices in Kenya Here.

What is the difference between a Prado TX and Prado TZ-G

When looking at the two modern Toyota Land Cruiser Models, you can clearly tell that so much has changed. Apart from the similarity of the air conditioning outlets’ positions, these two vehicles differ highly both in the interior and exterior. The TZ-G is way bigger than the Prado TX and is considered more luxurious and powerful compared to the TX.

What is the Toyota Prado TX Fuel Consumption?

The Toyota Land Cruiser TX Model averagely consumes fuel at a rate of 7.9 Litres per 100 km (Manual Drive Model). On the other hand, the Auto Drive model uses 0.1 Litres more for the same distance, thus making it 8.0 Litres per 100 Kilometres.

How much is a TX in Kenya?

To purchase a Toyota TX Model in Kenya, you need to be on a budget of approximately Ksh. 5,500,000 and above. With this amount of Cash, you can purchase a TX 5-Seater, TX-L 5 & 7 Seater, or even a second-hand TZ-G Land cruiser in Kenya.

How many Litres per 100 KM does a Prado TX use?

This Toyota Land Cruiser has a very good fuel consumption rate ranging around 8 Litres to 9 Litres per 100 KM for the various TX Models in the market.

Is Toyota Prado TX a V8?

No, the Prado TX runs either on a 3.0 turbodiesel Engine, or a 4.0 L V6 (Gasoline) engine.

Is the Toyota Prado TX good for Offroad?

Absolutely, just like its predecessors, this mid-size SUV has exclusive control thus making it favorable for offroad terrains. This Toyota comes with a Downhill Assist feature, CRAWL Control, and the 4 Wheel Drive System which makes it easy for the vehicle to explore tough offroad terrains like no other car.

How many Passengers does a Prado TX carry?

The Toyota Prado has three rows of seats, whereby the third row is considered the reserved seat. Some models might be 5 seaters while others have the optional 3rd row which introduces the extra 2. With a 7 Seater, you can unfold the third row to add up spaces for more passengers or luggage.

How many CC does the Prado TX have?

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX Model has 2755 cc. However, this might differ from one Landcruiser TX trim to another. Some TX-L and TZ-G cars have a 2800cc due to their slight difference in their design and size.

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