Pricelist for Mercedes Benz cars in Kenya

Pricelist for Mercedes Benz cars in Kenya

Mercedes Benz model S-class

The S-class Mercedes Benz is a very luxurious car model that is worldwide recognized as a symbol of technological advancement and affluence in the industry today. The S-class Mercedes Benz is usually used by the upper class of which includes politicians and CEOs. It is available only in the configured in the saloon body shape either long wheelbase or standard wheelbase. For the rich and affluent in the society, the Mercedes Maybach model is the better alternative that takes luxury to another level only afforded by few people. It is most definitely high at the prices list for Mercedes in Kenya. Hereby, we are going to take you through the various Mercedes Benz models available for sale in Kenya and their respective prices.

Mercedes Benz model G-class

The Mercedes Benz G wagon is a very expensive SUV, mainly used by celebrities especially those from the United States. They are mostly used as symbols of status rather than being used as road vehicles. It has off-road capabilities though it has always remained on the tarmac and has been very popular over the past years. In Kenya, it is mostly used by adventurous businessmen or rather artists that are able to afford the luxury of purchasing the Mercedes Benz model G-class. Most politicians in Kenya tend to shun G wagons.

Mercedes G wagon

Mercedes Benz model GL-class

The Mercedes Benz model GL-class also referred to as Mercedes Benz model GLS-class is a luxurious SUV and is a seven-seater car, hence can fit seven passengers. It is very comfortable although they are rarely found in Kenya because of the high costs of maintenance and the high price tag. It is an ideal car for large families and is often in competition with Audi XC90 and the Land Rover Discovery.

Mercedes Benz model M-class

The Mercedes Benz model M-class also referred to as the Mercedes model GLE-class is the most popular and recognized Mercedes SUV available in Kenya. It has an affordable asking price and the maintenance costs are relatively cheap. It is definitely among the highest in the price list for Mercedes automobiles for sale in Kenya.

Mercedes Benz model E-class

The Mercedes Benz model E-class is a very executive and luxurious car. The seats present in the Mercedes Benz model E-class are similar to the venerated Mercedes S-class of which inhabits the luxury pinnacle. The Mercedes E-class is superb in aspects that include design, comfort, and safety. Most car manufacturers have tried their best to dethrone the Mercedes Benz model E-class.

e-Class mercedes

Mercedes Benz model C-class

The Mercedes Benz model C-class has been very dominant in the automotive engineering field bossing aspects that include technology, performance, safety, comfort, and design. Most of the car innovations nowadays can be traced to Mercedes Benz. The C-class Benz model is quintessentially particular as it combines luxury and affordability in a single package hence attracts and appeals most people.

Mercedes Benz model B-class

The Mercedes Benz model B-class is a luxurious car that offers buyers Japanese options. The B-class Benz model is very popular due to its utility and affordability. It is moderately popular in Kenya but most people have started noticing the B-class model.

Mercedes Benz model A-class

The Mercedes Benz model A-class was outclassed by BMW 1 series and Audi A3 until the third-generation model was introduced in the year 2013, which drastically changed things and the competition was back on. The A-class Benz model is definitely a leader in terms of hatchback models and is dominant in some of the aspects that include performance, comfort, space, and design.

Mercedes A Class

Price list of Mercedes for sale in Kenya.

Down below are the different Mercedes Benz models with their asking price, although negotiable. All the Mercedes automobiles available for sale in Kenya are summarized down below.

Mercedes modelPrice
Mercedes Benz S550 2013Ksh. 4,800,000
Mercedes Benz E220 1988Ksh  750,000
Mercedes Benz ML350 2015Ksh. 6,200,000
Mercedes Benz C200 2014Ksh. 3,800,000
Mercedes Benz C180 2012Ksh. 2,050,000
Mercedes Benz C180 2014Ksh. 2,500,000
Mercedes Benz E250 2015Ksh. 4,300,000
Mercedes Benz E350 2013Ksh. 3,780,000
Mercedes Benz C200 2014Ksh. 4,450,000
Mercedes Benz ML63 2013Ksh. 7,800,000
Mercedes Benz GLE 2014Ksh. 4,200,000
Mercedes Benz E250 2013Ksh. 3,950,000
Mercedes Benz C250 2015Ksh. 4,450,000
Mercedes benz

These are some of the Mercedes Benz models that are sold in Kenya. The prices are negotiable and you can definitely buy the Mercedes for a much cheaper price depending on the dealer.

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