Register for NTSA TIMS account – Step by step guide

The NTSA TIMS portal is an online government portal that offers online government services for Kenyans. This portal saves you the delays of staying in queues, office appointments and long processes to acquire National Transport and Safety Authority services online.  

From your ofice or home, you can access this services on your computer of mobile device on a working internet connection. From one step to another, I’m going to take you through the procedure you should follow to register for NTSA account step by step.  


This portal can be used for vehicle registration, duplicate logbook application, Car inspection, NTSA SMS subscription, and  even transfer of car ownership online. When registering for a TIMS account, the NTSA requires you to at least provide the following requirements:  

  1. National ID number 
  2. KRA pin number 
  3. Your mobile phone number 

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