Replace a lost logbook in Kenya – Step by step guide

A logbook is a very crucial document that is proof to your ownership of a car j  Kenya. Your logbook could be used as bail in court or as a loan security. Therefore, this is a very important document that should be kept safely to avoid losing it easily. A logbook should also be provided whenever one is selling his/her vehicle. 

 Unfortunately, you might lose your logbook or misplace it in one way or another and this will force you to process for a replacement. How do you replace a lost logbook in Kenya? In days gone, logbook replacement was a manual process udertaken and run by the Kenya Revenue Authorities and National Transport and Safety Authority as well. One had to their offices to process a logbook replacement. These times are well known for long queues, long processes as well as endless appointments with their agents.  

Nowadays, you don’t have to stand in the long queues anymore because the process has been simplified by NTSA through the TIMS portal. All you need is a TIMS account or create one if you don’t own any; log in to your account, scan the required docs, pay the service fee then wait for your logbook to be recovered.  
Replacement of your lost logbook in Kenya is a process that requires you to have an NTSA TIMS account which should be created immediately after you’ve collected the appropriate documents.  Continue to page 2

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