Ruto Rejects ‘Deep State’ Interviews, Odinga promises 6,000 monthly stipend

  • As 2022 succession politics start flourishing, every politician and interested parties is doing their best to lay clean foundation cards.
  • Mount Kenya holds a cluster of very wealthy individuals believed to heavily influence Kenyan elections through funding their chosen candidate.
  • Recently, the group interviewed Raila Odinga who is one of the top expected presidential aspirants in Kenya has been the runner-up in the 2017 general election.

Speaking in his rally in Isiolo, presidential aspirants William Ruto expressed his disappointment with interviews by mount Kenya billionaires who seek to choose the candidate they shall back. Dr. Ruto insisted that he was more interested in reaching out to the voter rather than what he termed as ‘boardroom and hotel politic’. He further said that his interest is in the local citizen and he needs no endorsements from the powerful group.

Raila Odinga who is the expected top competitor of Ruto in the 2022 general election, unlike his counterpart, met the Mount Kenya billionaires in a closed room meeting where they discussed succession matters. After the meeting, Raila added to his manifesto social welfare that would see unemployed individuals receive a 6,0000 monthly stipend.

The powerful cluster of individuals is believed to be the group that met with Raila including Uhuru Kenyatta’s uncle George Muhoho, banking guru Peter Munga, former Permanent Secretary, and Lapsset chairman Titus Ibui, former Kenya Chamber of Commerce Vice Chair James Murnau, S.K Macharia.

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