Other than the money and looks talk, there is more chemistry with love. Attraction and love comes with specific knots within a woman’s or a man’s brain, that’s whys it’s sometimes hard for people to actually explain why they feel and are attracted to their partners. Wether you are married or planning to get stuff started with your crush, we shall share little known psychological facts about love to make you stay top of the game.

Confidence attracts involuntarily

Both genders tend to get attracted to confident people. You don’t have to be that cheerleader or celebrity, all you have to do is look and be confident at all times. Keeping eye contact and you head up always shows confidence.

Ladies prefer details

Women are more attracted to men who point out details specific to them rather than general generic compliments. Therefore, instead of telling her she’s beautiful, tell her you love her hair or something like that.

A busy lady or guy attracts naturally

Dont act lazy, idle or free. Always engage in things that you love to do. Both men and women get attracted to busy partners.

Know how to cook and fixing simple things

Women tend to prefer a man who can cook and is handy with fixing simple stuff at home. You don’t have to be the guy who sits while she cooks and calls in a technician for every single simple issues. Get to work sometime and fix it.

Clean and good smelling

Avoid smoking at all costs. Take showers regularly and dress up well. Both women and men feel comfortable and are ready for the next level if the person they have met is smelling good and looking fresh.

Secret Psychological facts about love

So, it’s that simple, dress up well, keep confident, smell good, get a good career and show up. Trust me, things are going to get better.

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