277 reports of side effects have been reported in Kenya, according to the chairperson of the covid-19 vaccination taskforce Willis Akwale.

Akwale however reported that nobody had died after recieving the vaccine. He said that the reported side effects are not enough to stop the excersise.

Detailed News

A month ago, the kenyan government started vaccinating it’s citizens against the Covid-19 Virus. After recieving the vaccine, there are those who have reported side effects. Specifically, willis Akwale disclosed that there were 277 reports from people who experienced side effects.

He however said that no one in Kenya had died from vaccination and the reported effects are not enough basis to stop the excersise. He said that they were analyzing the reported side effects to acertain wether they are from the vaccine or not. Some of the side effects that he highlited are as follows:

  • Weakness of the joints and inability to walk after vaccination
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Pain in the arm
  • Itchy body
  • Dizziness and loss of consciousness
  • Producing more saliva

Planned Compensation

For the citizens who shall suffer parnanent effects or even death from the vaccine, the government has set aside funds for compensation. The acting director general of the ministry of health, Patrick Amoth said the Covid-19 vaccine global access had set aside funds for any unfortunate incidents caused by the vaccine.

Suspension of Astrazeneca in other countries

The Astrazeneca vaccine for Covid-19 has been reportedly suspended in other states. Italy, France and Germany announced that they would stop vaccination after other nations reported side effects. Norway and Denmark have already stopped using the vaccine after those vaccinated experienced serious side effects such as blood clots, bleeding and low platelets count.

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