If you are married or in a relationship and asking yourself this question, then there has been loose ground to make you suspect. However, to confirm your gut, then you shall need to check for the following signs. Before we go further, if your guts tell you that your spouse is cheating, then most of the time it is always correct. Now, go ahead and look for the following signs.

Signs that your spouse is cheating on you

  1. Step Up On Appearance: Whenever your significant other suddenly starts to take instant significant steps towards improving their appearance, then most probably they’re doing it for the new catch. This is especially if they have been not putting any effort towards this. Notice how they start dressing up better and attending more meetings than before.
  2. Out of reach: In case it has been routine for your spouse to be on phone, they shall reduce this significantly once they start cheating. They shall have moments when they are unreachable and erect privacy walls around your communication. Most chances are the unreachable moments are sessions with the new catch.
  3. Secretive use of computer and phone: If all of a sudden your partner encrypts their phone with a password, starts moving around with the phone, and keeps distance when calling, then most chances are they are hiding something from you. Those might be calls from the new catch.
  4. A hostile partner: In case your partner becomes hostile and defensive towards their actions, then most probably they are cheating. Cheating spouses always expose their guilt with blame, they shall blame you and actually touch on the points that are making them cheat.

The above are some of the signs that you are being cheated on. While it is not automatic, the most chances of a spouse with the above characters means they are cheating.

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