• Michael B. Jordan, actor in black panther is 34 years old. He is dating the step daughter of Tv personality steve Harvey who is 24 years old.
  • Steve Harvey has said he finds no fault and is okay with B. Jordan. He also added that he is okay with them and prays that their relationship lasts.
  • Steve confessed that his efforts to find fault in the 34 year old actor wasn’t that fruitful since he only found great things about him.

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It’s an assurance and causes a great feeling when your to-be inlaws confess their liking of you. This is how luck 34 year old michael jordan must be feeling after the father to his girlfriend confessed that he doesn’t see an issue with him. Speaking on Ellen Degeneres show, steve Harvey revealed that his efforts to dig for fault in Jordan only got him results of great things. This is how their conversation went:

“So your youngest daughter is dating Michael B. Jordan. I actually knew that was happening a while ago because Michael B. Jordan texted me and asked Portia and me to help him surprise her for her birthday to get horses for them to go riding. I thought, ‘Isn’t he just the greatest?” Ellen paused a question.

“You know what? I have tried not to like him. I have tried to find something wrong with him that I could dig in and go — ’cause I done got rid of all of ’em. All of ’em. Some of them snuck in the back door on me and lasted a lot longer than I wanted it to,” was Steve’s Response.

Lori, a stepdaughter to Steve Harvey is a model and social media personality. She started her modelling career in 2017.

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