Subsequent Helb Loan Disbursement Date 2022/2023

Subsequent Helb Loan Disbursement Date 2022/2023

  • Helb loan for this year (2022) shall be disbursed to the student’s accounts within this September.
  • This comes after comrades from universities complained of delayed disbursement by the body of the Helb loan despite the expected resumption to universities across Kenya.
  • In case you want to increase your helb loan amount, check out this guide
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Detailed 2022 Helb news

Comrades should expect the Helb loan amount to be deposited in their respective student’s personal student accounts within this September. This was confirmed through a tweet from the Kenya Helb loans body on Twitter.

According to Helb loans body, comrades have been receiving little loan amounts that hardly satisfy their needs. Helb therefore, with the cooperation of the ministry of education, Helb loan body is expected to increase the amount from the current 37,000 to 200,000 per year.

According to top Helb loans body officials, this is the amount sufficient to cover university Student’s tuition fees plus suffice their domestic wants. Comrades have been having an issue with the low amounts that don’t fully serve their needs.

Therefore, every Kenyan university student should expect Helb loan amounts to be disbursed to their personal accounts within this September of 2022. Any delays shall be further announced in an update from the body of the Helb loan. Remember DISBURSEMENT shall be done to students who are in session, in the second semester of this year’s semester. For any assistance please visit the nearest huduma center in your location and consult the helb loans desk.

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  1. Stacy Atieno says:

    I am a student of Moi university and I have not received my Helb loan for this year, what’s up?

    1. Thekenyan says:


      Helb is in the process of disbursing subsequent Helb loan amounts to student’s bank accounts. Your Helb loan ammount shall be credited to your account in a matter of few days or weeks. Keep checking your account to know when the Helb money shall be deposited in your registered bank account.

      The Kenyan.

      1. Dennis maisiba maranga says:

        I applied last year September but still my status is telling me verified …I struggled to pay first semester ..this semester too I don’t know what to do … when a you going to disburse mine 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  2. GABRIEL MBITO says:

    I am a student of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic and the loan have not yet disbursed into my account…

  3. When is disbursement for 3837 done? Kindly we are suffering.
    Marbury hta kma ni hii wiki tu please.

  4. When is disbursement for 3837 done? Kindly we are suffering.
    Mjaribu hta kma ni hii wiki tu please.

    1. Brian Wanjiru says:

      I applied helb loan through Mpesa services….will I receive it or must I have a bank account so as I can receive the loan?

    1. Am a student from meru national polytechnic,l applied for my helb loan on October 2021 and yet not received anything, please am not able to pay for my school fees help me

  5. Elphin kimeli says:

    38381376 I apply October and it’s has not been allocated why

  6. Elphin kimeli says:

    38381376 I apply my helb in October up to now it has not been allocated why

  7. Dennis maisiba maranga says:

    I’m really suffering.Every day I see people Posting that the have received money from helb loan ,mine I applied last year September but still my status is telling me verified.I struggled to pay first semester ,this too I have not paid.😢😢😢😢 ..will you help me kindly 🙏🙏😢😢

  8. Brian cheruiyot says:

    Please I have been waiting for long to get this loan at least to sustain me from achieving my dream at campus but status remain to be verified please! Please! IAM in trouble the only remaining hope is Helb loan… rental house here at Nairobi is really expensive… I have wonder why mostly people who are better in finance are getting this loan earlier… Anyway favour me IAM coming from poor family .

  9. Why is that others have gotten their loan and others haven’t .

  10. Kevin Ouma ochola says:

    IAM surprise my helb have not been disbursed ya 2021-2022 yet I applied the loan in July 25th 2021 yet IAM ineed of the cash to continue with my studies My I’d no 35239043kindly assist

    1. PARSAMAE KIOK says:

      Kindly my loan has not been disbursed since last year kindly help… It’s just reading “verified”

  11. Esther wambui says:

    Atleast give me batch number the status have remained verified,,,life is not that good here please do something

    1. Augustine says:

      Last year i apply helb but i didn’t receive what might be the problem


    I applied for helb in December last year yet it has not been disbursed please ID39929519 email jenipherawino93 @gmail.com

  13. I applied last year September but haven’t received mine yet.please I need urgent financial help to continue with my studies.

  14. Lavendah Mutono says:

    verification failed what does it mean.No hope any more with my education due to lack of finance
    Am supposed to report back this september 2022.BUT no finance at all. I applied for undergraduate
    2022/2023 first time am i among the student to get funds because my loan says verification failed i
    dont understand please help me.My career dream is falling apart I DONT know what to do anymore.

    1. Felix Wekulo says:

      Hello lavender,I think it is high time you visit the helb office at the any huduma centre so that you are fully helped with the successfully application process since the application is still open.Sorry for the misconvinience and I pray that God helps go through successfully this application process and get the funds you really need*success dear✨

  15. HEZBON OGUTU says:

    How can I recieve my loan if I had used wrong registration number which not for the correct university

  16. Dominic kivuva says:

    I applied for my help loan last year2021 I received nothing this year 2022 I subsequently my loan again and I received my notifications message that my application has been verified but now I have crosschecked my loan statement but I have ksh 0 allocation I don’t know why

  17. Agnes Mwaniki says:

    I applied for subsequent and it was verified but have received nothing so far,,am really suffering.kindly help me.

    1. james owino says:

      dial *334#
      then options 69 (lipa na mpesa)
      then options 6 again( government services)
      then options 2 (helb)

  18. wangui Gatheru says:

    When is batch number 4326 will have their money disbursed

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