TCS promotion interview questions and answers

TCS promotion interview questions and answers

There is always a point in getting a little prepared when it comes to interviews. It means that we have to get well conversant with what we might be asked during the interview. In the TSC human resource sector, there are interviews too and they include some questions that maybe we might not be as able to answer if we do not go through the basic information regarding the same. Now, it is important to go through some with regards to promotion. There might be no fixed questions but at least a hint will do us some good regarding basic knowledge. 

Now, there are a few tips that we have to be conversant with as we consider answering the questions. Here are a few tips to help you through; 

Bearing in mind that it is a formal interview, you must of course be of good formal conduct and have in mind all the teacher’s good conduct and be dressed neatly. Additionally, it is good to understand that not all the questions are answerable and if at all you are not sure, it is of no harm to let the panel know that you are not sure. Be confident with the answers you have and make them articulate enough. Be well versed with current affairs too. This is quite basic and therefore, we might be already knowing them.  Continue to page 2

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