Teachers Must Wear Uniform in Kenya-TSC


  • TSC to introduce ‘New Look’ for Kenyan teachers for efficient monitoring- Says TSC CEO Nancy Macharia
  • Teachers Service Commission to introduce Uniforms for teachers turns from a speculation to an upcoming reality
  • Teachers to wear Uniform for easy and efficient monitoring as from 2022? Implementation might take effect as from 2022
Teachers Must Wear Uniform in Kenya-TSC

Detailed News- Teachers Must Wear Uniform in Kenya-TSC

Recently, the Teachers Service Commission has been implementing strategies to bloom the Education section and produce the best results in the past few years. A bigger proportion of these strategies has however been targeted to teachers who are considered the ‘Backbone’ of our education system. Since the new CEO (DR Nancy Macharia) was introduced, TSC has made several implementations and modifications that have resulted in the achievement of various objectives. When a new law is issued by the administrators of TSC, teachers are affected individually positively or maybe negatively. 

A while ago, rumors were spreading across the country and there were speculations claiming that teachers might begin wearing uniforms anytime soon. At first, many thought it was utterly hilarious and brushed the topic off, giving it a deaf ear. Surprisingly, this might become a reality in the world of teachers anytime soon.

Teachers Must Wear Uniform in Kenya-TSC

Reports suggest that as soon as the Ministry for Education shifted all school bus colors to glossy yellow, it has been a smooth run in terms of management of students and school members on the outside. This has helped school administrators track their school buses’ movement due to the outstanding and unique color shade. TSC’s Assistant CEO spoke and said that the Commission is looking forward to introducing a color that will easily blend in with the new norm. He concluded by saying that introduction of the ‘new look’ will help TSC to monitor the Teachers more efficiently thus enhancing efficiency in their roles and tasks.

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