The Origin and Dark Meaning Behind the Dab Dance or ‘Dabbing’

Dab as most people in the world refers to it, is a dance skill or style that trended all over the world at a fast rate, many of us dancing and dabbing without knowing the origin of the dance. The Origin and Dark Meaning Behind the Dab Dance or ‘Dabbing’ is not known by many, this is simply because most of us don’t care or are just ignorant. The dab dance style has surfaced the world and has been present for a couple of years now, everyone dabbing while at home, in offices, at events and ceremonies and even celebrities have not been left behind. 

Our President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, was not left behind as he ensured he dabbed when awarding the top dance group, FBI. The focal point of the origin of the dance move dabbing and it’s nature all leads to marijuana. What most people don’t understand about the dab dance move is that it can look good and easy to the eye but there is a darker and evil meaning to it. Dabbing includes bowing your head on one of your arms while folding them repeatedly. The other arm should be pointed in an upward direction; pointing towards the sky. 

What is the meaning of dabbing? 

Most people dab without knowing the true meaning of dabbing. Dabbing means blowing and extracting bhang concentrates out repeatedly. Bhang is illegal in some of the countries in the world including Kenya. Most of the sources, say that the dab dance style is used to show that one is sneezing repeatedly because of the bhang fumes and concentrates after smoking the marijuana.  

The origin of the dab dance style 

The Origin and Dark Meaning Behind the Dab Dance or ‘Dabbing’ is something that we would all like to know and be curious about. The dab dance style was discovered by the American rap group which were called Migos. Incase you know Migos,  the group from Atlanta, then you know that there is no doubt that they smoke marijuana. The dab dance style was then shared by many people on the social media platforms including the football player named Cam Newton. Celebrities also  posted and shared the dance style on music videos and movies. 

The dab dance style trended, even more, when players used the style as celebrations after scoring goals in football matches and it even became common. The dance style trended to s point even in the United States, Hillary Clinton, the US presidential candidate. The dance style was also performed by Migos where they were teaching the fans how to dab. They also produced a music video which was for the look at me dab song they recorded. 

Is dabbing good? 

The Migos group when asked about the Origin and Dark Meaning Behind the Dab Dance or ‘Dabbing’, confirmed that they invented it as a fashion statement and not the effects of sneezing after smoking bhang. For those who love dabbing, you can revisit the subject and choose whether to dab or not. The dab dance style can be just Innocent no meaning to it or either it can be connected with marijuana as some sources argue. 

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