The ultimate beginners guide to making money on Upwork

Upwork is so far the best online job platform to make you money as a freelancer. Most digital nomads testify that Upwork is among to go platforms for online jobs such as article writing, admin assistant, web design and development, animation, and much more. However, the challenge comes at the point when you’re starting, have no experience or portfolio, how do you make your first money on Upwork. We prepared this the ultimate beginners guide to making money on Upwork for you. 

How to make money on Upwork as a beginner 

Set up a specific and honest profile 

Once you join Upwork, you need to come up with a specific and honest profile. Specific meaning you choose the skill you are best in and build your profile around it. Honest in the sense that you should not try to get clients by cheating on your skills or qualification. If you put the wrong skill and experience, soon a client shall slide to your inbox only to be disappointed, or even reach the point of awarding you a contract only to be disappointed and give you a negative review. Below are tips for a killer Upwork profile: 

  • Your title should be short, fully describe your skill and be enticing 
  • Start your short intro with attractive words that describe your skill. Write more about the results that your client shall get at the end of your work. Keep it short and finish with a call to action. 
  • If you have relevant education and experience, attach evidence 
  • Remember to attach your previous work to the portfolio 

After counter checking your profile, submit it for review. Upwork usually reviews and responds within 24 hours. Your profile might get accepted or rejected. In case of a rejection, edit the details and resubmit again. 

Choose your preferred membership plan 

Upwork has got two plans which are basic and plus. Each has its qualities as seen below. 

Upwork basic plan 

  • Has payment protection and zendesk conflict resolution 
  • Offers free monthly connections. If you deplete the free connects before the end of the month, you have to buy more connects for 0.15 dollars each. Up to 140 connects can roll over to the following month. 
  • Has got invites that come with the client’s preference for your profile. 


Plus is the premium option for Upwork. It includes everything provided with the basic plan plus the following additions: 

  • 70 monthly connects 
  • You can see your competitor’s bid price 
  • Your profile doesn’t go private even without activity 
  • You can keep your earnings private 
  • You can customize your profiles URL 

Set your prices right 

On your profile, you are required to set your hourly rate. There is a considerably tight competition on Upwork, however, both high and low rates get clients. We advise that you start with a considerably low rate then increase as your profile gets more good ratings and earnings from clients. 

Tips and tricks for successful upwork freelancers 

Here are some tips from successful Upwork freelancers to get a start and get you to the top. 

  • Once you get to work, check profiles of successful freelancers on your ninche. See how they have set their profiles and that right there is the recipe for successful profiles. 
  • Research your target client and their preference and needs. You don’t need to necessarily rely on Upwork, check clients across social media, and understand their needs through engaging them and studying their job descriptions. 
  • Start hunting for projects. Now that you have learned your client’s needs, perfect in writing your proposals. Always write a proposal that is client-based and cover more on a promise for a good result like they need. Always keep it short and don’t forget to include a call to action. 
  • Look for clients outside Upwork and drive them to your profile. For instance, you can join Facebook pages and groups dealing with your niche, once someone posts their need for a service from your niche, lure them and include your Upwork profile link. 


This has been the ultimate beginner’s guide to making money on Upwork. We hope you are now confident and prepared to make your first earning on Upwork. Go for it and remember sharing is caring. 

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